Z is for Why a Zucchini is Better than a Man.

Day 26 or the Spanking blog Challenge


Z is for Zucchini and why a Zucchini is better than a man. For the last day of the A to Z Spanking Blog Challenge I thought we’d have a little fun. Plus I couldn’t think of a Z word other than zucchini. And it is a phallic symbol so why not use it?


  • The average zucchini is 6 inches long
  • A zucchini can stay hard for up to a week
  • You can fondle a zucchini in the grocery store and know you’re taking home a firm one
  • A zucchini doesn’t pout when you have a headache
  • A zucchini doesn’t care what time of the month it is
  • A zucchini will never give you whisker burns
  • A zucchini doesn’t leave dirty socks and underwear on the floor
  • A zucchini won’t compare you the Penthouse centerfold
  • You can have as many zucchini as you want or as many as you can handle
  • A zucchini doesn’t always have to be on top
  • A zucchini is always ready when you are
  • A zucchini won’t leave the toilet seat up

There you have it – 12 reasons why a zucchini is better than a man. And now for just one reason why a man is better than a zucchini:

A zucchini can’t spank you!

Thank you all for joining in on the A to Z Spanking Blog Challenge. It was definitely a challenge but I had a lot of fun. Be sure to check out the other blogs and keep checking because there may be some who will need the entire month of June to get through the challenge. Even bloggers have lives and life often throws a curve ball at all of us. Happy Spanking!


Y is for You’re Mine Forever

Day 25 of the Spanking Blog Challenge


Another excerpt, this time from You’re Mine Forever:

YMF final cover3

You’re Mine Forever – snippet

“All right, Chelsea. I guess you’re gonna make me do this the hard way.”

He bent down slightly, positioning his shoulder at her waist, scooped his hand under her delectable rear, and stood up with Chelsea slung over his shoulder. Then he walked out of the elevator thankful that no one was milling about the hallway to see him manhandling her towards his room.

Chelsea was pounding on his back, demanding that he put her down. “What do you think you’re doing? Put me down right now!”

“Shut up, Chelsea. I’m not going to hurt you. But you are going to listen to me.”

She continued beating on his back and she kicked her legs, squirming and trying to get out of his grasp. But he held her tightly with just one strong arm under her ass. He dug his key card out of his pocket and swiped it to open the door to his room. Once he was through the doorway, he kicked it shut and went to the bed where he unceremoniously dumped her onto her back. In a flash he was on top of her grabbing her arms and pulling them up above her head. He held them there with one hand and looked at her angry face.

Damn, if she wasn’t the most beautiful woman he had ever known. She was going to hear him out tonight, but first he had to taste those luscious lips.

“Get off me! Let me up before I start screaming!” Chelsea bucked her hips to try and throw him off. He was too strong, she couldn’t budge him. She took a deep breath and was about to let out a yell when his mouth came down on hers and took that deep breath away from her.

She tried to turn her head away from his onslaught, she moved her head left and then right, trying to pull away. It was no use, he seemed to anticipate every move she was going to make even before she knew what she was going to do. His tongue invaded her mouth and she briefly thought of biting down hard on it. And then her body betrayed her.

YMF final cover3

You’re Mine Forever:

Chelsea dumped Dan eight years ago after catching him in the arms of another women. Refusing to return his calls, Chelsea moves on with her life. Now it’s their ten year high school reunion and Chelsea is dismayed to find that Dan is there. Dan only wants a chance to tell her she was wrong and try to win her back. Sparks fly when they meet again, but the other woman is also at the reunion.

Chelsea has no intention of listening to what Dan has to say. She’s not going to give him the opportunity to break her heart again.

Dan ‘kidnaps’ her and takes her to his hotel room determined to force her to hear his side of the story. But one look at her luscious lips, and all thoughts of talk fly out of his mind and a hot, steamy night of love ensues.

When he wakes up, Chelsea is gone. Will he get another chance to explain what really happened all those years ago?

X is for X-tra Sneak Peek

Day 24 of the Spanking Blog Challenge


X is for X-tra sneak peek. This is an excerpt from my current work in progress. Included is the cover reveal.

Spank Her So Good merged“There has to be a consequence, Samantha. I can’t let this mistake slide. Without consequences, I’m concerned you might slip into more carelessness as we progress with the sale of my home. Since I’m out at the ranch most of the time, I need to make sure you’ll stay focused on what you need to do.”

“A consequence, Mac? What kind of consequence?” There was obvious suspicion in her voice.

“A spanking, Samantha. I want you to lower your pants and lean over the kitchen island. I intend to give you a sound spanking that should help keep you on your toes.”

“What?” Samantha wasn’t sure she heard him right. Actually, she knew she had heard him right, she just couldn’t believe it.

“I know you heard me. I believe in consequences and yours is going to be a spanking. It’s your choice, of course. You can drop your pants and lean over the island or cancel my listing.”

An image of Mac smacking her bottom while she leaned over the cold granite of his kitchen island popped into her mind. The image was followed by an almost forgotten twitch of sexual desire in her lower belly. He had to be joking with her. Clients just didn’t spank their real estate agents for simple mistakes.

She gave a short laugh and said, “That’s funny, Mac. But let’s be serious. I’m going to order new postcards on a rush and I believe that should be adequate.”

“I assure you, I’m very serious. Either lower your pants and get into position or I will give you a letter of cancellation right now.”

This is absurd, she thought to herself.

“Mac, I want your listing; I need your listing. But spanking me for a small mistake seems a bit excessive. I’m thirty-six years old, not some misbehaving child. Isn’t there another way I can make this up to you?”

“I don’t consider it a small mistake when three hundred fifty people have just been informed that my house has 242 square feet. And I don’t think a spanking is excessive—I think it’s a very effective tool and will help you remain focused on getting things done correctly the first time.”

She fidgeted for another minute, turned her back on him so he couldn’t see her face as she thought about the consequences he wanted to deliver. A spanking? She had a hard time believing it, but she was going to agree to let him spank her. She needed the listing and the commission it would bring her once it was sold.

Turning around to face him again, her voice trembling a bit, she said, “All right, I’ll agree to the spanking.”

“A wise decision.” Mac walked to the sofa and picked up a soft throw pillow which he then placed on the hard surface of the kitchen island. “This will make it a little more comfortable for you. Come on now, down with the pants and lean over the counter.”

Her hands shaking, Samantha undid the top button of her slacks and lowered the zipper. Hooking her thumbs under the waistband, she pushed her pants over the curve of her hips and let them fall to her ankles. Closing her eyes tightly, she leaned over the island and hugged the throw pillow to her chest.

Mac walked over to her left side and placed his left hand on the small of her back. He touched the palm of his right hand to her panty-clad bottom to let her know the spanking would begin.

Sam flinched at the feel of his hand on her ass and when she felt the hand lift, she clenched her jaw preparing for the first blow.

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W is for Withdrawing Consent

Day 23 of the Spanking Blog Challenge


W is for Withdrawing Consent – an excerpt

Withdrawing Consent

“I’m withdrawing consent,” Christine announced as she sat down at the table across from Alex.

“What? You can’t do that!” Alex blustered in his Head of Household voice that he had refined over the past eighteen months. “I won’t allow it!”

Christine looked down at the food on her plate that she didn’t want to eat and wondered if she’d be in trouble after she told him he didn’t have a say about this. Would he think it was disrespectful for her to remind him that she had the right to withdraw consent? Would he accuse her of being bratty? Of not following his leadership? Would he jump up, escort her to the bedroom, and deliver the usual punishment for those infractions?

She was afraid to look at him because she knew he would see the challenge in her eyes. She didn’t know any other way to avoid him seeing that challenge other than by not looking at him. Her dark blonde hair hid most of her face as it swung forward when her head was lowered. She was within the bounds they had discussed eighteen months ago when they first embarked on this new dynamic for their marriage.

“Christine, what are you talking about?” Alex demanded. “What has upset you now?”

She took a bite of food and slowly chewed it, then swallowed it. There was every chance she’d be punished for not eating if she didn’t eat at least half of what was on her plate.

“I’m waiting, Christine. Are you going to answer me? Or are you purposely trying to provoke me?”

“I’m sorry, Alex.” She spoke without looking at him. “I cannot continue this way any longer and I am withdrawing consent.”

“What the hell are you talking about?” He was almost shouting now as he repeated himself and she knew if she spoke to him in that tone with her voice raised, she would be given a spanking. In fact, the spanking would most likely not be the total of her punishment. There’d probably be something more such as writing pages of lines saying something like ‘I will not disrespect my husband’ or even some corner time.

Withdrawing Consent –

Christine and Alex Morgan are a young couple in their late twenties. Both are busy professionals and Christine has several outside interests. Her book club has chosen a new title called “Save Your Marriage the Old Fashioned Way.” Christine thinks it’s nothing but a way to take women back to the Stone Age, but she reads it for the book club and discovers the old fashioned way to save your marriage is by utilizing something called Domestic Discipline. Alex finds the book interesting and when the members of Christine’s book club next meet, they all decide to try this plan in their own relationships for a thirty day trial. Things go awry when Alex and Christine put this dynamic to work in their marriage and the question now is; can they get back on track and have a happy relationship?
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V is for Vajayjay

Day 22 of the Spanking Blog Challenge


It’s going to be another picture day. Lots of Vajayjay Dazzle.

This first one would be great for the 4th of July!


What would the groom have to say about this one?


This must have taken hours!


This one too – very pretty.


And this is simply elegant


Some ideas for Christmas – it’s only six months away

I like the reindeer and the Xmas trees


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U is for Undies

Day 21 of the Spanking Blog Challenge.


U is for undies. There are so very many undies to choose from. Bikinis, thongs, hipsters, briefs (otherwise known as granny undies) and boyshorts. They come in a variety of materials, colors, and styles. It’s so difficult to choose when they’re on sale. Is nylon better than cotton? Is silk the best of all? Do you want the ones with lace? If so, can you find lace that isn’t scratchy on your girly bits?


13613712Granny undies have such a bad rep. They’re not the sexiest things, but they are comfy.


I love the undies on the right. Now those are sexy.


But my question to you is this:Undies, up or down when being spanked? Does that thin layer of protection actually offer any protection? Or is it really not any better than being spanked on the bare?

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T is for my Treadmill Desk

Day 20 of the Spanking Blog Challenge


I love my treadmill desk. It allows me to get some exercise in and write at the same time. I first heard about such a thing on the Kboard’s writer’s cafe. They were talking about treadmill desks that cost $1600! Holy Cow! There’s no way I could spend that kind of money. Especially since I already owned a treadmill. My treadmill is a pretty decent one, though a bit old. I bought it somewhere around 2001 I think. But it was still working great and there was no need to spend such an exorbitant amount of money for a new treadmill.

One of the posters on the writer’s cafe mentioned they had modified their treadmill with a shelf to hold their laptop and Voila! Treadmill Desk for super cheap bucks. I drove myself to my favorite big box do-it-yourself home store and purchased a 48″ shelf that was 10 inches wide, 4 u-shaped clamps, and a little bag of 10 screws. I only needed 8 screws but the bag had 10. The entire cost of these items was under $14!

I placed the shelf on the the arms of my treadmill – luckily mine stick straight out – and put my laptop on it. It was almost a perfect fit. I could have used a 12 inch wide shelf, but what the heck, it was fine like it was. Then I took those clamps screwed them into the the bottom of the shelf  and I had my own Voila! moment. Here’s the result.

treadmill deskI didn’t do well with walking and typing at the same time. I could do all right at just over 2mph but anything faster and I had all kinds of typos. So I installed Dragon Naturally Speaking and little by little I worked my way up in speed to 2.7mph. So far anything faster than that makes Dragon mess up because I’m gasping for breath after 20 minutes or so. I can walk for 1 hour and 9 minutes and during that time I get between 1200 and 1700 words written. Not bad for what I always considered a total waste of time. There’s so much I can do in that time I’m on the treadmill. But now that I can write, I actually look forward to it.

Of course, it’s summer now and I live in the desert so I must swim. I swim a half mile every day, 64 lengths of my pool. If only I could devise a way to type while I swim. Maybe a waterproof covering for my laptop that could balance on a kickboard as I kick my way back and forth in the pool. Hmmm…I wonder if that’s an idea for a viable invention..

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S is for the Spank Her Series

Day 19 of the Spanking Blog Challenge


Today will be 6 short excerpts from my Spank Her Series.

Spank Her Now finalSpank Her Now

“Okay. The first one was a question. It asked, does your wife need a spanking.”

“Oh my god! How crazy is that?” Eve tried to sound surprised.

“Well, there’s more. Some of the titles are repeated but I’ll just read them all to you one at a time.”

Stephen went through the entire list. When he was done, Eve didn’t say anything.

“Honey? Are you still there?” He asked.

“Yeah, I’m here. Can you read them to me one more time?”

After he read the second one, which was, ‘well does she,’ Eve asked him, “Does she?”

“Does she what?” Stephen asked.

“Does your wife need a spanking?”

“Uh…honey, I’m not sure how to answer that.” Oh,shit! Now she’s gonna think that I think she does need a spanking!

“Oh, so you do think I need a spanking. Goodbye, Stephen.” Eve hung up and smiled to herself.

Spank Her AgainSpank Her Again

“Ms. Mallory, you will change back into your gown and get into bed or I will do it for you.”

Maggie had enough. “Doctor, you might be able to order the people of this town around, but I am a nurse practitioner and I know what I’m doing. I am leaving this clinic and returning to my cottage.”

This time, Spence had enough. “Ms. Mallory, I don’t care if you’re a world famous brain surgeon. Now I suggest you get back in that bed or I’ll turn you over my knee. Now, Ms. Mallory.”

What?? Did he just threaten to spank me?

Spank Her Hard FinalSpank Her Hard

“I don’t want to shock you, Francine. I have a small kink that I enjoy.”

Francine was nervous now. Did he want to tie her up? Did he want unprotected sex? Or did he want to fuck her in the ass? She wasn’t agreeing to any of those things.

Joe sighed, “I see I’ve already made you nervous again.”

She nodded and said, “Yeah, a little. I guess you should just tell me and then we’ll know if it’s something I’m willing to do.”

“Okay, I have a spanking kink.”

Relief washed over her. If all he wanted was for her to spank his ass, she could do that. No problem at all.

She smiled at him and said, “Why, Joe, I’d be happy to give your ass a spanking if that’s what you need. Have you been a naughty boy?”

Joe gave a little laugh and said, “No, Francine. I want to be the spanker. I want to take you and turn you over my knee and spank your cute little ass until it’s a nice rosy red.”

Spank Her Very Much FinalSpank Her Very Much

“Please let me go,” she sobbed. “I promise I won’t ever do this again. I just needed some money so badly to help with my sick mother. It was stupid. I know that now. But please, please let me go.”

Oh, she was good, Brent thought. But he knew she was lying and he knew the tears were fake. There just wasn’t a lot of sincerity in her voice. He’d enjoyed patting her shapely body while looking for more loot in her pockets and now he had an idea.

“You’ll do anything? Anything at all?” He asked her.

“Yes! Just name it! Anything!”

What if he wants sex? I can’t do that. Oh God, what did I just promise? What if he wants me to do something even more illegal than burglary?

Gina waited while Brent pretended to think it over. He knew exactly what he was going to ask of her. She wasn’t going to like it; but he was sure she would agree if her other choice was going to jail.

“Here are your choices,” Brent began. “Either I call the police and press charges or you submit to a spanking.”

Spank Her More FinalSpank Her More

A collection of five short stories, this is an excerpt of the first story, Flight Lessons.

“I ought to take my belt and wallop your ass until you can’t sit down for a week. That would teach you not to be careless.”

“I wasn’t careless,” Margie protested. “I was talking myself through the whole landing and was surprised by the bounce.”

“You were overconfident, and that’s careless.”

“I was not overconfident!”

“You were. You made three perfect landings with me in the plane and then you got careless, thinking you had landings down pat.”

“I was not overconfident and I was not careless. I was doing everything exactly as you taught me.”

“Quit arguing with me, Margie. Or I might still take my belt and tune up your ass.”


A brand new Spank Her ?. This is a work in progress and hasn’t been named yet. I also haven’t decided what color undies to put on the cover. I’m open to suggestions!

He kept his eyes focused on her face and it was obvious she was concerned about losing his listing. He knew exactly what he wanted from her to atone for this error.

“There has to be a consequence, Samantha. I can’t let this mistake slide. Without consequences, I’m concerned you might slip into more carelessness as we progress with the sale of my home. Since I’m out at the ranch most of the time, I need to make sure you’ll stay focused on what you need to do.”

“A consequence, Mac? What kind of consequence?” There was obvious suspicion in her voice.

“A spanking, Samantha. I want you to drop your pants and lean over the kitchen island. I intend to give you a sound spanking that should help keep you on your toes.”

“What?” Samantha wasn’t sure she heard him right. Actually, she knew she had heard him right, she just couldn’t believe it.

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R is for Reading

Day 18 of the Spanking Blog Challenge


I think all writers must love to read. I’ve been a voracious reader my entire life. If it hadn’t been for the public library my parents would have gone broke. I often received books for Christmas gifts. My parents would buy me Fall River Classic books. One year I received three of them and was so excited I had a hard time deciding which one to read first. Alice in Wonderland or Arabian Nights. Or should it be Tarzan of the Apes? If my memory serves, Tarzan won out.reading_writing_kid1242430280My bedroom was just off the dining room and my father would often sit at the dining room table and read under the light of the chandelier. I shared a room with my little sister who was afraid of the dark so the door had to always be left open an inch or two. This caused a beam of light to shine across one end of my bed. I would read in that few inches of light, sliding my book up and down the beam, hoping my father wouldn’t get tired too soon. Hoping I could finish at least the chapter I was on. Years later, I learned he knew of my late night reading by the thin beam because he could see the movement of my book if he glanced at the door and let his eyes follow the light. He had no problem with me staying awake if I was reading.


I wish I had time to read more. My Kindle is packed with ebooks waiting to be read. The top of the filing cabinet in my office has two stacks of books and the shelf behind those stacks has more books. All waiting to be read. See that empty space to the left? That’s where the 7 books that are on the corner of my desk used to be. They’ve made their way to the soon to be read pile.

TBR booksNearly every time I read an excerpt from one of you spanking authors, I want to buy that book. It’s a damn good thing I don’t like every sub-genre or I’d go broke. There are more books out there (and I’m talking about good books) than I’ll ever be able to read and that makes me sad. How many wonderful stories are there that will never make it to my Kindle or bookshelf?

I have to go now and read what I wrote today so I’ll have time tonight to read a bit before I go to bed.

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Q is for Queefing

Day 17 of the Spanking Blog Challenge


Promise you won’t laugh at my ignorance while I tell you this story. A few weeks ago my daughter and several of her friends were visiting from out of state and enjoying a girl’s only pool party. One of the the girls brought along a game I’d never heard of. It’s a card game called Cards Against Humanity and had a subtitle of something like ‘A card game for horrible people.’ I’ll briefly explain the game.

There are two types of cards – question cards and answer cards. All the players get 10 answer cards and you take turns asking questions and everyone puts in the answer card they think will win. The person asking the question is the one who decides the winning card. The answer cards range all over the place from the name of a famous person to something disgusting and can get pretty hilarious when used.

So one of the answer cards was the word queefing. I had never heard the word before and when it was played I asked, “What’s queefing?”


One of the young ladies very politely explained that it’s when too much air is pushed into your vagina while ‘doing it’ and then it escapes and make a noise like passing gas. To which I replied, “Oh, you mean pussy farts!”

Everyone laughed and claimed they never heard that term while my daughter loudly exclaimed, “Mom!”

I’m a little surprised – considering my age – that I’ve never heard of queefing. And even more surprised that these girls had never heard of it being called pussy farts. Live and learn. And laugh!


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