Happy Memorial Day!!

MemorialDayThis is the weekend the United States honors all our veterans. So as you go about your holiday weekend, enjoying the extra time with your family and friends, grilling yummy food in your backyard, going for a picnic, or any of the other things we do to enjoy this long weekend, please pause for a moment and remember those who made it possible for us to be free. Remember the fallen men and women; think about their families who are missing their loved ones. Remember the men and women who are serving their country around the world, many in places where they will not enjoy a holiday weekend. Remember why we are free and the price so many paid for that freedom.



Spank Her Very Much – an excerpt

SPANK HER VERY MUCHSpank Her Very Much Final


Lead in to the scene: After Gina discovers the man who spanked her is nothing more than another burglar like herself, they begin working together and splitting the proceeds. They have planned a big job for the coming weekend and Gina uncharacteristically all tense and worried about it. She goes shopping to try and relax, but comes home still full of tension. Brent knows how to get that tension out and takes Gina to the bedroom. Other than a few playful smacks during sex, Brent had not spanked her since the first time. He knows he’ll have to convince her to submit to a stress relieve spanking.

Excerpt:  Brent put his hands on her shoulders and said, “I know of a way that will get you back to feeling one hundred percent your normal calm self. But you have to trust me. Do you think you can do that?”

Gina gazed at him with a perplexed look on her face. “What are you talking about?”

“Do you want to get rid of all that pent up tension?”

“Of course I do. But how can you get rid of my tensions?”

“I’m going to put you over my knee and spank you. It’ll be hard and long, but in the end you’ll feel much better, and all those nerves will be calmed down.”

Gina tried to step back, but he kept a firm grip on her shoulders.

“No way,” she said. “There’s no way I’m going to let you spank me the way you did the first time we met.”

“Gina, you have to trust me. I know what I’m talking about; I’ve seen it happen many times. Let me spank you and then we’ll have the best mind-blowing sex and I’ll guarantee you’ll be back to your normal self.”

Gina didn’t answer him for a long time. Yeah, a few slaps on the ass during sex added to the excitement. Sure, they were fun. But there was nothing fun about that first spanking in the mansion when they had met. For the life of her she couldn’t imagine how a spanking would erase all this pent up tension, nerves, and emotion she had going on.

She didn’t think she could just passively place herself over his lap and let him start swinging away on her ass. But what if he’s right? What if it works?

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Spank Her Hard – a short excerpt

Spank Her Hard Final

Spank Her Hard

Spank Her Hard is the story of a young mother trying to work her way through nursing school. She makes the tough decision to go to work as an escort and meets Joe Ryan as one of her first clients. This excerpt continues from the first one I posted on this book. You can read it here.

Francine didn’t know what to do. She sure could use that extra five hundred dollars. That would be a total of thirteen hundred dollars for the night. All for her; she didn’t have to give the service any cut from the five hundred. It was definitely not an amount of money to scoff at.

There were so many things she and her little girls needed. She knew her mom was struggling with finances, even though she never complained, and this would be such a boost for all of them.

But to let someone hit her? Could she do that? What if he got carried away and hurt her? Hell, what if his main intent was to hurt her? No, she couldn’t believe he’d really want to hurt her. He was just too nice a guy.

Not one moment at any point in this evening with Joe had she felt any warning flags or discomfort with his demeanor. She had been totally relaxed and at ease the entire time once he understood she didn’t really want to talk about things too personal. Other than the natural nervousness she still had from being new to this business, she was one hundred per cent comfortable with Joe.

Still, he wanted to hit her. OK, maybe hit was too strong a word. He wanted to spank her. Spank her like a bad little girl. Spank her until her ass was red; ‘a nice rosy red’ were his exact words.

She heard the door open. Joe was back. He came and sat down on the sofa across from her and just looked at her with his brow raised and asked, “Well?”

Blurb: Francine is a young single mom, living with her mother, trying to support her twin daughters and go to nursing school. She takes a job at an escort service hoping to make enough money that she’ll only have to work a few nights a week, giving her time to study and time to spend with her kids. She meets a client who is too good looking and too much of a gentleman to have to use an escort service. She finds out why he uses professional escorts on her first assignment with him. He has a little bit of a kinky side in the bedroom. He’ll pay extra, but is Francine willing to accommodate him?

Spank Her Hard Final


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Spanking A to Z Blogging Challenge


Spanking Romance Reviews is sponsoring this event and I signed up for it. Yeah, me – I signed up. I have a hard time blogging once a week and often two or three weeks go by without me posting anything. So now I’m going to try and blog for 26 out of the 30 days in June. Oh boy – shall we start laughing now?

Life just always seems to get in the way. I have two other jobs besides writing and one of those jobs has been keeping me really busy for the last few months. Which is good – I look at it as job security. I’m not complaining. But I would like to blog more. So we’ll see how I do on this challenge. I will try to not let other things interfere.

I’m going to cheat a little bit. But I don’t think it can really be called cheating. First, I’m going to work on my posts and get them lined up to publish automatically. From what I read, lots of bloggers write all their posts once a week and schedule them to publish when they want. So let me correct myself, I’m not cheating. I’m just taking advantage of an available tool. I hope to have at least half of my posts scheduled before the end of May. Then maybe I can skate through the second half in June without freaking out about being a failure.

Below is a list of everyone who has signed up so far. Join us if you haven’t already. Or just wait and visit all the fantastic blogs.


Interview with a Dom – snippet

InterviewDom Final

Interview with a Dom:  Kylie goes back to Alex’s home to learn more about his way of life and his dungeon. He suggests a weekend experience for her to become more familiar his world. Seeing her hesitate, he proposes a ‘practice session’ that very night.

Excerpt:  While she was thinking about whether or not to leave, Alex poured more wine for both of them. “If you’re agreeable, we could have a small session tonight. Sort of a trial run.”

She hadn’t expected that! She looked at Alex and said, “Oh…uh…I don’t know. I’m not prepared for anything like that.”

“Anything like what?” Alex asked with a smile.

“Um…well…uh…you know. Uh…kinky stuff.”

“We will do very little tonight.” He said. Since she had not outright refused, he thought she just might be ready for a little bit of play. “When you’re finished with your wine, you will go to The Room and undress. You will kneel on the mat at the foot of the bed and wait for me.

“Uh…you mean the dungeon?”

“You’ve been researching on the internet. Some people call it a dungeon, some call it a playroom. I prefer to refer to it simply as The Room. And please do not forget to address me as Sir again.”

“Oh…yes Sir. Sorry Sir.”

What the hell was she doing? Was she really going to go in that room and strip? The thought was scary and, if her pussy was any kind of indicator, oh so exciting!

She took a sip of her wine and watched Alex. Then she took another sip. It was almost gone. Then she’d have to make up her mind. Leave or go to The Room.

Blurb: After losing her husband in a tragic car accident, Kylie needs to find a way to increase her income to support herself. She’s been a struggling self-published author of romance novels for several years, but she’s not making enough money. Kylie decides to write an erotic romance in the hopes of increasing sales. She answers an ad on a BDSM website and hooks up with Alex who says he’s willing to teach her all about the BDSM lifestyle she wants to write about. He suggests that she become his sub for a weekend, after all, there’s nothing like hands on experience to give her the knowledge she needs. Will Kylie agree?