Answer to Ami’s question

Q&A Ami asked: Just wanted to ask how long you have been writing and whether you were always interested in spanking?  My favourite story of yours is Withdrawing Consent and it was one of the first spanking stories I read, but you seem able to turn your hand to many different scenarios.  I am intrigued as you appear to have a very similar dynamic to us and I think we are similar ages which I find very comforting at the present time. Also, how do you do some of your research (I am saying that very much tongue in cheek). LOL! You are a prolific writer – do you ever get time to read yourself, and if so, what type of books other than spanking stories do you like?

Answer: Thank you for your kind words, Ami! I’m so glad you liked Withdrawing Consent. I’m thinking of writing a sequel to it, but need to finish the three books I’m currently working on first. I’ve been writing for years, but never really tried to get published. When I learned about Amazon self-publishing I dived right on in. I’m in my third year of self-publishing and just wish I had more time. I have thought we might be close in age too from things I’ve read on your blog. And speaking of age, I’ve been thinking about writing a book or two featuring older characters that perhaps are not as nimble as they once were. It could be funny, I just don’t know if it would be well received.

How long have I been interested in spanking? Since I was about six or seven and a friend of mine told me a make-believe story about a spanking machine her father would put her in if she was a naughty girl. I so wanted to see that spanking machine, but she claimed she would get in trouble if she showed it to anyone. It was years before I realized she had made up the entire story. My parents were not spankers, though my mother did chase us around with her wooden spoon. She just never caught us. LOL!

Research is done in many ways – wink, wink. Some of it is in the bedroom of course and some on the internet. We’ve tried out various implements and once I was sent to the corner to see what it felt like to stand there with my nose to the wall. We both ended up laughing since we don’t really do the punishment thing.

Yes, I read. A lot! I love westerns, mysteries, romance (with and without spanking), and some time travel. I read every night before I go to bed. It helps me relax and gets my mind off thinking of things that might keep me up.

Thanks again for the questions and I’ll be watching for another update on Dan!



Questions Anyone?

Got Questions?


March is question month and I’m open to answering just about anything, so ask away and I’ll tell you my deepest and darkest secrets. Which really aren’t all that deep and dark.

You can ask about my books, my personal life, my awesome relationship, or even how wonderful our weather is here in sunny Arizona this time of year.

Those of you in the mid-west or back east may not want to hear of our 80 degree day today and the perfect cloudless sky we have. It really is lovely.

Off the top of my head there’s only one thing I can think of that I will not tell and that is my weight. There are only two people other than myself who know what I weigh; my doctor and her nurse. There’s no way I’m telling anyone else.

I’m hoping this will be fun so start asking!

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