Saturday Spankings – Teaching Manners

Sat Spankings

Welcome to Saturday Spankings! I believe I’ve missed the last two or three weeks of this. Too much going on in my life right now. The snippet I have for this week is from one of my current WIPs. No, the title is not Teaching Manners – it does not have a title yet, nor have I even written the blurb. How’s that for coming to the party unprepared? I’m hoping to have this finished and up in the next two weeks. I’ve gone a bit over the 8 allowed sentences and hopefully Mistress Blake will forgive me and not decide I’m in trouble.

I’ll give you a little idea of the story: Born and raised on her grandfather’s Arizona ranch, Julie Fallon wants to live the big city life. After nearly ten years, she’s had enough of the city and returns to the ranch. She is shocked to find how ill her grandfather is and even more shocked when she learns what she’ll have to do to keep the ranch, which should be her birthright with no strings attached.

This snippet is when she ends up with a flat tire on the desolate road leading to her grandfather’s ranch. A blizzard is just starting to get into gear and she’s never changed a tire before but with no cell phone coverage she has no choice but to dig out the owner’s manual from the glove box and learn how to do it herself. Along comes Seth Berrett just when she’s about to put the spare on. She’s been at her task for some time by now, and she doesn’t even hear his truck as he pulls in behind her. She’s freezing her butt off, but it has become a point of pride that she finish what she started. When Seth startles her with his offer to help, she falls yet again into the snow and turns her wrath on him, refusing to accept his assistance.


Ignoring him, she went to the driver’s side and he could see through the window she was quickly checking the instructions in the manual. Then she came back around, inserted the tire iron into the crank and started pumping up and down. The tire lifted higher.

“You have to flip the little switch to make it go the other way.”

With another look that could kill, she said, “I know that, I’m not stupid!”

Putting his hands up, he said, “Whoa, lady. I’m just trying to help. You don’t have to bite my head off.”

“How many times do I have to tell you? I don’t need your help!”

“Maybe not, but you sure do need someone to teach you some manners.”

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