Q is for Queefing

Day 17 of the Spanking Blog Challenge


Promise you won’t laugh at my ignorance while I tell you this story. A few weeks ago my daughter and several of her friends were visiting from out of state and enjoying a girl’s only pool party. One of the the girls brought along a game I’d never heard of. It’s a card game called Cards Against Humanity and had a subtitle of something like ‘A card game for horrible people.’ I’ll briefly explain the game.

There are two types of cards – question cards and answer cards. All the players get 10 answer cards and you take turns asking questions and everyone puts in the answer card they think will win. The person asking the question is the one who decides the winning card. The answer cards range all over the place from the name of a famous person to something disgusting and can get pretty hilarious when used.

So one of the answer cards was the word queefing. I had never heard the word before and when it was played I asked, “What’s queefing?”


One of the young ladies very politely explained that it’s when too much air is pushed into your vagina while ‘doing it’ and then it escapes and make a noise like passing gas. To which I replied, “Oh, you mean pussy farts!”

Everyone laughed and claimed they never heard that term while my daughter loudly exclaimed, “Mom!”

I’m a little surprised – considering my age – that I’ve never heard of queefing. And even more surprised that these girls had never heard of it being called pussy farts. Live and learn. And laugh!


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