Z is for Why a Zucchini is Better than a Man.

Day 26 or the Spanking blog Challenge


Z is for Zucchini and why a Zucchini is better than a man. For the last day of the A to Z Spanking Blog Challenge I thought we’d have a little fun. Plus I couldn’t think of a Z word other than zucchini. And it is a phallic symbol so why not use it?


  • The average zucchini is 6 inches long
  • A zucchini can stay hard for up to a week
  • You can fondle a zucchini in the grocery store and know you’re taking home a firm one
  • A zucchini doesn’t pout when you have a headache
  • A zucchini doesn’t care what time of the month it is
  • A zucchini will never give you whisker burns
  • A zucchini doesn’t leave dirty socks and underwear on the floor
  • A zucchini won’t compare you the Penthouse centerfold
  • You can have as many zucchini as you want or as many as you can handle
  • A zucchini doesn’t always have to be on top
  • A zucchini is always ready when you are
  • A zucchini won’t leave the toilet seat up

There you have it – 12 reasons why a zucchini is better than a man. And now for just one reason why a man is better than a zucchini:

A zucchini can’t spank you!

Thank you all for joining in on the A to Z Spanking Blog Challenge. It was definitely a challenge but I had a lot of fun. Be sure to check out the other blogs and keep checking because there may be some who will need the entire month of June to get through the challenge. Even bloggers have lives and life often throws a curve ball at all of us. Happy Spanking!


4 thoughts on “Z is for Why a Zucchini is Better than a Man.

    • Thanks Katherine, I wish I knew how to add the share buttons. I’m basically an idiot when it comes to this blogging stuff. I’m excited that I know how to post an image. And I mess that up fairly regularly. I looked in the list of widgets and didn’t see anything about share buttons. One of these days I’ll figure it out.

  1. Love it! I’ll never look at a zuchini the same way again.

    Another one—if you shred up a man and make bread or muffins with it, people call you a sick-o.

    Thanks for taking on the A to Z Challenge and congrats on making it to the end. It was fun to get to know everyone a bit better. I just wish I’d been able to visit more blogs. But, there’s always July for that.

    • Uh…yeah, I think if you made bread or muffins with a shredded man you’d probably be a sick-o. I hate zucchini so I don’t think it belongs anywhere in my diet!
      I had fun with the challenge and I’m sorry too that I couldn’t visit more blogs. I’ll be poking around for a while trying to get to them all.

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