Just one rule

I have one rule. Just one little rule. And it drives me up the wall because I think it’s ridiculous. The rule is NO SWIMMING WHEN I’M HOME ALONE.

DH worries I might get a cramp and drown. Well, I get leg cramps all the time and I haven’t drowned yet. I’ve tried explaining the pool is a lap pool. It’s 40 feet long, but only 6 feet wide. At its deepest point the pool is a mere 6 feet deep. If I had a severe cramp I could easily get to the edge with two or three strokes. If I started to sink I could kick off the bottom and boost myself to the edge. Besides, he can’t swim. He never goes in the pool. Just how does he think he’s going to save me?

His other big worry about swimming alone is I might slip and fall, cracking my skull open on the edge as I exit the pool. There I would be, bleeding on the pool steps, dying all alone. What does he think would be different (other than the me being alone) if he’s here? Should I fall in such a way, my skull would already be cracked open even if he were here. By the time the paramedics came, I’d probably be dead anyway. I mean, come on, how many people survive their skull cracking open?

treadmill deskSo in the winter when it’s too cold to swim, and when DH is not home during the summer swim season, I write while exercising on my treadmill desk. Yes, that’s it in the photo above. It works great and lets me multi-task. I can burn some fat off my butt while getting a couple of thousand words written. The fact that I can write while exercising is the only thing I like about the treadmill. I much prefer doing 66 laps – half a mile in my pool – even though I can’t write at the same time.

In fact, I’m huffing and puffing away as I write this post. I have an hour and a half to go so next I’ll pull up my latest work in progress and work on that.

T is for my Treadmill Desk

Day 20 of the Spanking Blog Challenge


I love my treadmill desk. It allows me to get some exercise in and write at the same time. I first heard about such a thing on the Kboard’s writer’s cafe. They were talking about treadmill desks that cost $1600! Holy Cow! There’s no way I could spend that kind of money. Especially since I already owned a treadmill. My treadmill is a pretty decent one, though a bit old. I bought it somewhere around 2001 I think. But it was still working great and there was no need to spend such an exorbitant amount of money for a new treadmill.

One of the posters on the writer’s cafe mentioned they had modified their treadmill with a shelf to hold their laptop and Voila! Treadmill Desk for super cheap bucks. I drove myself to my favorite big box do-it-yourself home store and purchased a 48″ shelf that was 10 inches wide, 4 u-shaped clamps, and a little bag of 10 screws. I only needed 8 screws but the bag had 10. The entire cost of these items was under $14!

I placed the shelf on the the arms of my treadmill – luckily mine stick straight out – and put my laptop on it. It was almost a perfect fit. I could have used a 12 inch wide shelf, but what the heck, it was fine like it was. Then I took those clamps screwed them into the the bottom of the shelf  and I had my own Voila! moment. Here’s the result.

treadmill deskI didn’t do well with walking and typing at the same time. I could do all right at just over 2mph but anything faster and I had all kinds of typos. So I installed Dragon Naturally Speaking and little by little I worked my way up in speed to 2.7mph. So far anything faster than that makes Dragon mess up because I’m gasping for breath after 20 minutes or so. I can walk for 1 hour and 9 minutes and during that time I get between 1200 and 1700 words written. Not bad for what I always considered a total waste of time. There’s so much I can do in that time I’m on the treadmill. But now that I can write, I actually look forward to it.

Of course, it’s summer now and I live in the desert so I must swim. I swim a half mile every day, 64 lengths of my pool. If only I could devise a way to type while I swim. Maybe a waterproof covering for my laptop that could balance on a kickboard as I kick my way back and forth in the pool. Hmmm…I wonder if that’s an idea for a viable invention..

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