U is for Undies

A to Z Spanking Blog Challenge


I’m two days behind in my spanking blog challenge and all I can say is I’m happy that there are more days in the month than there are letters in the alphabet or I’d be woefully messed up. As it is, if I can get just six more posts up I’ll be done by the 28th of this month. So today I’m doing underwear, or undies. For both men and women. After all, everyone (well, almost everyone) wears undies. My husband says men don’t wear undies, they wear underwear.

These are very pretty and sexy.


These boy shorts style look comfy.

boy shorts

Superman undies could be fun.

supermans undies

These two pair have little ears to pull them down for a quick spanking.
How convenient!

undies3 undies1

Here are a few odd ones for men. I think I’ve seen the blue one as a swim suit.
Swimsuit or underwear, I don’t find these attractive.

B0UnXgNIMAER7En mens undies

undies 6

Granny undies. Comfortable, but seriously lacking in attractiveness.

granny undies

Let’s end with a pretty thong. She looks ready for a spanking, doesn’t she?


U is for Undies

Day 21 of the Spanking Blog Challenge.


U is for undies. There are so very many undies to choose from. Bikinis, thongs, hipsters, briefs (otherwise known as granny undies) and boyshorts. They come in a variety of materials, colors, and styles. It’s so difficult to choose when they’re on sale. Is nylon better than cotton? Is silk the best of all? Do you want the ones with lace? If so, can you find lace that isn’t scratchy on your girly bits?


13613712Granny undies have such a bad rep. They’re not the sexiest things, but they are comfy.


I love the undies on the right. Now those are sexy.


But my question to you is this:Undies, up or down when being spanked? Does that thin layer of protection actually offer any protection? Or is it really not any better than being spanked on the bare?

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