P is for Protection

A to Z Spanking Blog Challenge


Welcome to another day of the A to Z Spanking Blog Challenge. Today is P and P is for Protection. Not the kind that prevents STDs, but the kind that keeps you safe from the bad guys. So today I have an excerpt from my Corbin’s Bend book, Safe Under Protection. This will continue from the last excerpt I had a few weeks ago for a Saturday Spankings. If you missed it, read it here.

Debi is getting her first spanking and Russ has just pulled her panties down and the sight of the light pink color on her butt where he spanked over her undies sends a rush of blood to his cock.

     “You’ve been a bad girl, haven’t you, young lady?”
     “I think so, sir.” Debi had no problem stepping right into a little light role-playing.
     “You need to be punished, don’t you? You need a spanking on your bare bottom, isn’t that right?”
     “Yes, sir. Please, spank me. I’ve been very bad.”
     Russ began spanking her naked ass, watching her flesh jiggle with each smack of his hand. He was so busy watching her ass bounce with each strike, it didn’t occur to him to even out the spanks over her entire bottom. All his smacks were landing on her right cheek. It was becoming very pink, while the left cheek was quite pale.
     Debi squirmed around for a bit and finally said, “I think you’re supposed to spank both sides of my ass.”
     “Oh. Yeah, okay.” Russ began concentrating on the left buttock for the next several strikes.
     It finally occurred to him that perhaps he should give the left and right sides of her butt equal treatment. Once he figured that out, Debi sighed and relaxed, and he had a feeling she was enjoying every strike on her naked ass.Safe Under Protection final

Blurb: After spotting a mafia hit, Jess and Colleen Bradley find their life turned upside down and on the run. With nowhere else to turn and to protect their family, they accept the assistance of the witness protection program. Their U.S. Marshal, Jack Carmichael, convinces them to move to a small community in Colorado run by his brother.
Jess and Colleen Bradley become Russ and Debi Hunter, the newest residents of Corbin’s Bend. Forty years of a vanilla marriage makes them a little out of place in this spanking community. With new names and new jobs, Debi is a little stressed out with her new surroundings. She keeps messing up and calling Russ by his old name. After a successful erotic spanking just to see what all the fuss is about, Russ decides a real spanking might be just what’s called for to get Debi to remember his new name and relieve her of some of the stress she’s feeling.
Just as they begin to find peace as their new selves in the wilds of Colorado, the protection they feel shatters when Jack calls with the bad news that their security has been compromised and Debi realizes she’s being tailed.  As Brent Carmichael and Russ rush out to find Debi and get the two to safety, it might be too late because at that moment, two hit men are set on making sure Debi and Russ are not safe under protection.

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O is for Orgasm, of course

A to Z Spanking Blog Challenge


Orgasms. Do you fake it to make your partner feel good about him/herself?  How many can you have in succession?



fake it

Poor guys, it seems women have all the luck when it comes to orgasms.




That must have been a hell of a night!


I’m all for this one! Every day an ORGASM day!

Below is a coupon to give to your significant other. I like how the giver of the coupon gets credit for multiple orgasms.

orgasm coupon


N is for Now – Spank Her Now

A to Z Spanking Blog Challenge



Welcome to the 14th day of the A to Z Spanking Blog Challenge. That means today’s letter is N and once again I’m digging into my back list and have come up with Spank Her Now. I hope you enjoy the excerpt.

 Spank Her Now

     Stephen’s computer alerted him to a new email. It was from SpankMeNow and the title was “SHE DESERVES A SPANKING!
     That’s weird, he thought. It was exactly what he had been thinking after that little argument on the phone. He clicked the email expecting to find it empty, but it had a few lines.
     She’s a naughty girl. Naughty girls need to be punished. Naughty girls deserve punishment. Spank her tonight!
     The phone rang just as he pressed the delete button. It was Eve.
“Honey, I’m sorry” She apologized. “I guess I over reacted to the emails.”
“Yeah, you did.” Stephen said. “I just got another one, and it was not blank.”
“Really? What did it say?”
“Well, I don’t know that I should tell you. I think it might get you mad. You know you never even asked what the subject titles were.”
“Oh, I guess I didn’t think about it. Why do you think it will get me mad?” She asked.
“I’m going to tell you the titles. If you get mad and don’t want to hear any more just tell me. Okay?”
“Sure, honey. But I won’t get mad. Now tell me the titles.”
“Okay. The first one was a question. It asked, does your wife need a spanking.”
“Oh my god! How crazy is that?” Eve tried to sound surprised.
“Well, there’s more. Some of the titles are repeated but I’ll just read them all to you one at a time.”
Stephen went through the entire list. When he was done, Eve didn’t say anything.
“Honey? Are you still there?” He asked.
“Yeah, I’m here. Can you read them to me one more time?”
After he read the second one, which was, ‘well does she,’ Eve asked him, “Does she?”
“Does she what?” Stephen asked.
“Does your wife need a spanking?”
“Uh…honey, I’m not sure how to answer that.” Oh,shit! Now she’s gonna think that I think she does need a spanking!
     “Oh, so you do think I need a spanking. Goodbye, Stephen.” Eve hung up and smiled to herself.

Spank Her Now final

Spank Her Now:

Stephen and Eve have been married for fifteen years. Their marriage has become boring, their sex life is boring. Eve wants to spice things up and begins sending Stephen anonymous emails with titles like, ‘Does Your Wife Need a Spanking?’ But Stephen doesn’t open them because he’s concerned about getting a computer virus. The emails keep coming and finally Stephen decides to open one. Eve gets much more than she ever bargained for when Stephen decides Eve’s attitude needs adjusting and he takes her over his knee for a long, hard spanking.

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Saturday Spankings & A to Z Challenge – M is for Maid for the Cowboy

Sat Spankings

Another combo day! It’s time for Saturday Spankings and it’s M day for the A to Z Spanking Blog Challenge. I’m digging in the archives of my back list again and today M is for Maid for the Cowboy.


Be sure to visit the other blogs on both Saturday Spankings and the A to Z challenge. Lots of fun stuff to read!

Maid for the Cowboy – Does Callie need a spanking?

     “I didn’t mean to yell at you,” Joe said. “I was afraid you’d get bitten.”
“For a second there, I was afraid you were getting ready to spank me again.” Callie blurted it out without even thinking. She was blushing now and hoped Joe wouldn’t notice in the dim light of the barn.
Joe chuckled and asked, “Do you need a spanking, Callie? Have you been naughty?”
Her pussy clenched tightly as she looked up at him. “I don’t think so…I mean…I don’t think I’ve been naughty.”
Joe put his arms around her, and whispered in her ear, “You were a little careless there with Blue. He could have given your hand a bad bite.”
With her heart beating faster, she said, “But I didn’t know I had to be careful with him.”
“You should always be careful with any animal, Callie. Maybe I need to give you a spanking to drive that home.”
Joe spoke softly, in a low voice that was more arousing than threatening. It turned her on and made her want him to spank her, though she couldn’t for the life of her understand why. She pulled back so she could see his face.
“Are you going to? Spank me, I mean?”
He was sure he saw desire in her eyes. Desire for him? For lovemaking? For a spanking? Maybe for all of the above.
“Mmm hmm, I think so, Callie.”
He led her to the tack room in the corner. It was a small room with a door and Joe closed and locked it. Then he sat down on the bench and unbuttoned Callie’s jeans. She was trembling, but not protesting. He slipped his hands under her waistband and worked the jeans down to her knees. Then he tugged her panties down and ran his hands up her outer thighs, back to her hips.
“Over my knee, Callie.”

Maid for the Cowboy final

Blurb: Things heat up between Callie and Joe almost from the start when Callie is hired after answering an ad for a position as housekeeper/cook for five cowboy brothers on their ranch in Arizona. She learns the hard way that Joe means it when he says safety is the most important concern on the ranch. This lesson is given with Callie over Joe’s knee and his big hand delivering hard spanks to her bottom.
The attraction between Joe and Callie grows into much more. Soon Callie is in love and has to ask herself if she can reconcile herself to a life with a cowboy who delivers a spanking every time she does something he considers dangerous or unsafe.

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L is for Love

A to Z Spanking Blog Challenge


Welcome to day 12 of the A to Z Spanking Blog Challenge. It is day 12 and L is the letter for the day. L is for Love and here a few love quotes.

The one you love is always your first and last thought



First love is sweet, but last love is forever



Kisses that make you smile are sooooo yummy



This one may not work well for small breasted women


This made me smile


What is more weird than love?



Oh so true, actions speak louder….



Love is always worthwile



Gotta throw some laughing in with the living and loving



K – Kitchen Implements

A to Z Spanking Blog Challenge



I needed a K word and came up with kitchen utensils. I could have used K-Y Jelly, but kitchen implements are much more imaginative.

wooden spoonsThis is a lovey set of wooden spoons and spatulas. Why buy a specially made paddle with holes in it when you can have this set with holes and slots?

black plastic spoons


Here’s a similar set made of heat resistant black plastic. This set has a pair of tongs. I bet I could think of a few things those could be use for.

metal spoons


And here’s a metal set of utensils. Just take a look at the one in the center. All those holes to mark you as it comes down to meet your poor bottom!



This is a lovely crepe pan. Doesn’t it look like a metal ping pong paddle? I would advise you behave if you have one of these in your kitchen!



Then again, as image above says, Big Girls Need Spankings too!

J – Jason’s Solution

A to Z Spanking Blog Challenge



Wow! We’re on day 10 already! Time flies when you’re having fun. I’m digging around again in my back list and today we have an excerpt from Jason’s Solution.

Blurb: Elle and Jason Hammond are a young married couple with two children. Jason earns enough income for Elle to be a stay-at-home mom. Unfortunately, Elle is not terribly interested in housekeeping. She’s happy to stay at home but prefers to spend her time watching TV, reading romance novels, and playing games online. On many nights Jason returns home from work to a messy house and no dinner. Elle always apologizes and quickly throws something together for him to eat.
After a few years of this, Jason makes a chart of daily chores for Elle to complete. It helps for a few days, but Elle slips back into her old ways. Finally, at his wits end when he comes home to no dinner, toys all over the house, and discovers he has no clean clothes to wear to work the following day, he takes Elle over his knee and gives her a sound spanking.
Jason lays down the law and tells Elle she will be spanked every day if she doesn’t complete her chores. Will Elle put up this new way of life? Will she be able to break her bad habits and make her husband happy? Or will they be bound for divorce court?

Jasons Solution finalExcerpt from Jason’s Solution

“I’m tired of fighting, Elle. I don’t want to live like this. We’re going to start something new and we’re going to begin tonight. Right now.”
With his arm around her shoulder, he pulled her over his lap and began spanking her bottom over her panties.
“No! Stop it! You can’t do this to me!”
“You will do your daily chores or be spanked.”
“You will speak respectfully to me!”
“Stop it right now, Jason!” Elle kicked her legs and squirmed.
Jason held her tightly against his body by her waist and ignored her protests.
“You will keep this house clean and care for the children.”
“Ow! You can’t spank me! Let me up!”
“I will spank you every night if I have to.”
“If your chores are not done, you will be spanked.”
“Do you understand?”
Elle didn’t answer. She was angry and her hand was hitting Jason’s leg.
“I asked you a question. Do you understand?”
“I’m not answering you until you stop spanking me!”
“I’ll stop spanking when you answer me.”
He smacked her ass three more times.
“I’ll take your panties down and spank you on your bare bottom if you don’t answer me,” Jason warned her.
“No! Okay, okay, I understand!”
Jason rubbed her butt for a bit, pulled her up and held her on his lap.
“I don’t want to have to do this again, Elle. But I will. I love you and I want our marriage to work. I want us both to be happy. If spanking your ass is the only way to get you to do your part, then that’s the way it will be. Understand?”

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I is for Interview with a Dom

A to Z Spanking Blog Challenge


Interview with a Dom

InterviewDom FinalKylie is a writer who has recently lost her husband and is struggling financially. She hatches a plan to write more books in the genre of erotica. BDSM appears to sell well and she sets out trying to find a Dom that would be willing to let her interview him.

The following is an excerpt of when Kylie goes to see his dungeon.

“Come here, Kylie.”
She was sick of his commands and orders. But she wanted to get out of this place and if obeying him this one time would get him to unlock the gate latch, she would do it.
“You don’t like this room, do you?” He asked her.
“No, I don’t. I’d like to leave.”
“You seem to have a hard time displaying any respect for things that are out of the ordinary.”
“It’s not that, Alex. This room makes me uncomfortable and I’d really like to leave now.”
“Is the reason for this uncomfortable feeling because you don’t understand why your pussy is wet?”
     Oh god, how could he possibly know how her pussy reacted to the things in this room?
     “It’s not that, Alex. It’s just that…”
“Now you are lying to me, Kylie. I will not have it and you will be punished.”
Before she could finish, she found herself over his knee and he was spanking her! Spanking her hard!
He paused long enough to pull her skirt up and tear down her panties and then continued on her bare bottom!
Kylie cried out with every blow to her ass. She begged, “Stop! Stop it right now! You can’t do this to me!”
Alex continued spanking her ass while he lectured her. “You are an ill-mannered young woman. You came to me for help and I freely gave it you and still you speak to me with disdain. You are lucky that I don’t take my belt to your ass!”

InterviewDom Final

Interview with a Dom:

After losing her husband in a tragic car accident, Kylie needs to find a way to increase her income to support herself. She’s been a struggling self-published author of romance novels for several years, but she’s not making enough money. Kylie decides to write an erotic romance in the hopes of increasing sales.  She answers an ad on a BDSM website and hooks up with Alex who says he’s willing to teach her all about the BDSM lifestyle she wants to write about. He suggests that she become his sub for a weekend, after all, there’s nothing like hands on experience to give her the knowledge she needs. Will Kylie agree?

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Hard – Spank Her Hard

A to Z Spanking Blog Challenge


Welcome again to the A to Z Spanking Blog Challenge. Today is day 8 or H. Digging in my back list once again, I’ve come up with Spank Her Hard.

Blurb: Francine is a young single mom, living with her mother, trying to support her twin daughters and go to nursing school. She takes a job at an escort service hoping to make enough money that she’ll only have to work a few nights a week, giving her time to study and time to spend with her kids. She meets a client who is too good looking and too much of a gentleman to have to use an escort service. She finds out why he uses professional escorts on her first assignment with him. He has a little bit of a kinky side in the bedroom. He’ll pay extra, but is Francine willing to accommodate him?

Spank Her Hard Final

Joe has just told Francine that he has a bit of a kink and hopes she’ll be willing to participate. Francine is nervous, wondering if he wants to tie her up, have unprotected sex, or maybe anal sex. She isn’t willing to do any of those things but urges him to tell her just what this kink of his is.

     Joe sighed, “I see I’ve already made you nervous again.”
     She nodded and said, “Yeah, a little. I guess you should just tell me and then we’ll know if it’s something I’m willing to do.”
     “Okay, I have a spanking kink.”
     Relief washed over her. If all he wanted was for her to spank his ass, she could do that. No problem at all.
     She smiled at him and said, “Why, Joe, I’d be happy to give your ass a spanking if that’s what you need. Have you been a naughty boy?”
     Joe gave a little laugh and said, “No, Francine. I want to be the spanker. I want to take you and turn you over my knee and spank your cute little ass until it’s a nice rosy red.”
     Francine’s mouth opened in a perfect O but no sound came out. Her ass cheeks had clenched at the idea of Joe spanking her. Her eyes were wide and she couldn’t think of a thing to say and doubted she would be able to speak.

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G is for Good – Spank Her So Good

A to Z Spanking Blog Challenge


Today is G, the 7th letter of the alphabet. I’ll be going into my back list today to give you a snippet from Spank Her So Good.

Blurb: Still healing from the loss of her husband three years earlier, Samantha Robbins is struggling to get her real estate career on the right track. When a neighbor on her block tries to sell his house on his own, Samantha calls him hoping he’ll eventually decide to use an agent and hire her.
     Mac McClintock needs to sell his house. He inherited it from his aunt a few years ago and was hanging on to it in the hopes the value would increase now that the housing crisis was on the mend. He had a ranch to run and his aunt’s house was taking up too much of his time. He hires Sam, but lets her know in no uncertain terms he expects things to be done in a timely and efficient manner. It takes her less than two weeks to cause him to take her to task for an error in the marketing of his aunt’s house.
     Sparks fly when she’s given the choice of bending over his kitchen island counter for a sound spanking or having the listing canceled.

Spank Her So Good merged

Lead-in: Sam has sent out postcards to advertise her new listing with a typo stating that Mac’s house is little more than a shack, a scant 242 square feet. He’s upset and concerned that new postcards will take another two weeks to get out, and he’s ready to cancel his listing with Sam. She says she’ll make it right and do anything if he just doesn’t cancel their listing agreement.

     “There has to be a consequence, Samantha. I can’t let this mistake slide. Without consequences, I’m concerned you might slip into more carelessness as we progress with the sale of my home. Since I’m out at the ranch most of the time, I need to make sure you’ll stay focused on what you need to do.”
     “A consequence, Mac? What kind of consequence?” There was obvious suspicion in her voice.
     “A spanking, Samantha. I want you to lower your pants and lean over the kitchen island. I intend to give you a sound spanking that should help keep you on your toes.”
     “What?” Samantha wasn’t sure she heard him right. Actually, she knew she had heard him right, she just couldn’t believe it.

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