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Welcome to the 6th day of the Spanking Blog Challenge which I’m combining with Saturday Spankings! So today is for F and I’m going to give you a short 8ish sentences of Debi’s first spanking. I’ve teased you with how Russ tells her ‘story first, then fucky time.’ Last week, she begged him to spank her as the story came to a close.

Safe Under Protection final

Debi is over his knee and Russ isn’t really sure how to go about this and figures he should ask her, after all, she’s the one that’s been doing research and reading up on the spanking blogs.

“Should I take your panties down or spank you over them?”

“Oh, that’s your decision. On the blogs sometimes they start with them on, but they always end up off and the spanking is on the bare butt.”

Without another word, Russ smacked her right cheek, then her left. It wasn’t very hard, more like a pat than a spank. There wasn’t much of a reaction from Debi so he smacked her again on both cheeks, and then again. The next strikes were a little harder and he saw her butt clench.

Russ hooked his fingers under the waistband of her undies and yanked them down to her knees. The sight of the slight pinkness of her ass sent a rush of blood straight to his cock.

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5 thoughts on “F is for Fucky time – Saturday Spankings

  1. All I can say is that I hope “S” falls on a Saturday, too, so in addition to fucky we can have spanky time, though it looks like Russ is giving Debi a little spanky right now. The fact that he’s turned on makes me think he’s really going to get into spanky time once he feels a tad more comfortable making Debi uncomfortable.

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