Doing it all

For some reason, women feel like we have to do it all. We have our jobs and/or families to take care of. Some of us face a great deal of pressure in both our jobs and our families. Projects at work often have deadlines requiring us to work longer hours. This can take away from family time, causing stress and pressure on that front.

I wrote a comment on Ana’s post this morning when I realized that I should be writing all that on my own blog. It is a crazy time of year. There is much more to do than just the usual stuff that has me running around like a chicken with its head cut off. I have three jobs and I can only say thank goodness they all fall under the self-employed category. There’s my writing, which I love. I give myself deadlines and goals. Things like how many words a day I must write to finish this book by a certain date. But I can’t always meet those goals because the other jobs interrupt. Being self-employed is great, but it has a downside. You’re not really your own boss. Your clients or customers are your bosses. They come to you for the service you provide and if don’t, or can’t, or won’t provide it in a timely manner or at a price they’re willing to pay, you will lose that client. So when I’m busily writing my 5000 words for the day (which often ends up to be only 2000 or 3000, please don’t spank me!) and suddenly my husband calls with a rush job from that business, I have to stop writing and take care of the new business.

Next week is Thanksgiving and one of the things I’m thankful for is that we will have a very small gathering this year. Very, very small. Four people, total! Yes, just two others besides my husband and myself. Easy, breezy cooking day. But do you realize that Christmas is only 3 weeks and 6 days after Thanksgiving? Yes, really!

As I mentioned in my comment on Ana’s blog, I’m making my daughter a sweater for Christmas and it’s not looking too good for getting it done. Forget about the stockings I planned to crochet for my two grandchildren! Maybe next year – they’re barely more than babies so there’s still time. I’d rather do them in needlepoint anyway, even if it does take more time. I’m trying to find time to fill out my blogroll here and am not having much luck. I should have waited until after the holidays to switch my blog over. But I didn’t, so I have to deal with it, though it won’t be today. Probably not tomorrow or the next day either.

Super_Spanking_2_Commission_by_ericalannelsonThere are not enough hours in the day to do everything I want to do. I have to accept that and squeeze in a little time for myself. Even if its just to sit down and watch an hour of television. It’s good to empty your mind of the things that cause stress and worry. It’s healthy to stop and take some me time. If you don’t, you’ll start taking out your frustrations on those you love and might find yourself draped over a knee getting a spanking. Or staring at the juncture of two walls while you stand in the corner. Or both.