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Sat Spankings

Welcome to another edition of Saturday Spanks! I’ve missed the last few weeks but I did get my new book finished and up on Amazon, GooglePlay, and Smashwords. Still waiting for it to go live on Barnes and Noble and the other little places. Oops – have to correct that as it’s live on Barnes and Noble now! I hope you enjoy today’s snippet and don’t forget to check out all the other Saturday Spanks posts.

His to Tame

Blurb:  Raised by her grandparents after her mother and father are killed in an automobile accident, Julie Fallon returns to the ranch she was born on. Fed up with city life and a job that requires too much travel, she returns to the ranch where her grandfather is now all alone.
When she arrives, she is stunned to discover her grandfather expects her to marry the owner of the neighboring ranch who has been helping Gramps with running his ranch. In fact, marrying Seth is the only way she’ll inherit the ranch. The ranch she feels is her birthright and should be hers without having to marrying anyone.
Thrown together with Seth in back to back blizzards, Julie loses her grandfather when he succumbs to his illness and learns she has only thirty days to marry Seth or the ranch will be put up for sale.
To add insult to injury, Seth isn’t just your ordinary cowboy. No, he’s the kind of cowboy who’s made it his mission to paddle her bottom whenever he thinks she needs it. Her grandfather’s will states they must be married for at least ten years or the ranch will be sold.
Should she just forget living on the ranch and go back to the job she’s grown to hate or can Julie resign herself to enduring a minimum of ten years of marriage to the spanking cowboy?

His to Tame Final

In this snippet, Julie has just learned that her grandfather expects her to marry the owner of the neighboring ranch. She is already in disbelief about having to marry Seth, but when she hears her grandfather’s response to why she can’t marry Seth, she is surprised to find out that Seth is not the only spanking cowboy she knows.

“Gramps, I can’t marry that man,” Julie said once she was able to speak again.
“Give me one reason why not.”
“Because I don’t know him and…and…and he spanked me!”
“Oh, pshaw! You’ll get to know him and I spanked your Gram’s bottom more than once in the fifty years we were married.”
“What? You spanked Gram?” Julie couldn’t believe she’d heard him correctly.

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Happy April Fools Day!

april fools dayHappy April Fool’s Day, everyone! I hope no one gets pranked too badly today.

I don’t have to worry about it because my  husband hates practical jokes. He things they are stupid, pointless, and can be dangerous. Sometimes he’s just no fun!

My daughter always calls or texts me on April Fool’s Day with some bit of news that’s supposed to freak me out. When she was a teenager she would tell me she was pregnant. Once, she told me she went out to get in her car to drive to work, and it had been totaled while parked overnight. It’s always some disaster that would (if it were true) worry a mother.

I’m ashamed to admit that I used to fall for these jokes, not realizing that it was April Fool’s Day. But I’m so used it now that I expect it, so I never freak out anymore. For her sake I always pretend to fall for it so she’s not disappointed.

Happy April Fool’s Day spankings!

Only if that’s what you want, of course! :)