New Book! The Rower’s Paddle


Perfect  female bodyThe Rower’s Paddle

Mike brought his hand down on her butt in a light, but firm slap. When Jenny squealed at the unexpected change from the rubbing, he paused. Not sure if he should continue, but deciding he was in charge so it would be his decision, he brought his hand down again in that same firm tap on her other cheek.

This time she didn’t squeal.

He tapped a little harder, striking in the center so he managed to get both cheeks in one smack.

Jenny was trying not to giggle. After all, this was supposed to be erotic. She didn’t think giggling would be appropriate.

Mike continued the light smacks. Left cheek, right cheek, and center. He increased the strength with each cycle. It didn’t take long before Jenny no longer felt like giggling.

Left, right, center. A little harder.

Left, right, center. A little harder still.

Soon the taps were no longer taps. They were spanks. And they had a bit of a sting to them.

Jenny emitted a moan now and then, but they were not moans of distress. And they were far from sounding anything at all like a giggle. In fact, all thoughts of giggling had flown out of Jenny’s mind.

Her bottom was a lovely shade of pink and Mike worked on moving his hand around with each series of his pattern. The pink began to spread over her entire bottom and then it slowly deepened in color. He wondered if he should continue to spank harder or keep it at the current level. Should he ask if she was okay? Surely she’d tell him to stop if she wasn’t willing to continue. Maybe he should talk.

“Your ass is a gorgeous shade of pink. Kind of like pink roses. You doin’ okay, Jenny?”

“Yeah, I think so.” He could hear the desire in her voice.

He paused and pushed her legs further apart. Then he moved his hand between her legs and felt the wetness of her slit.

“I think you’re getting turned on with this spanking. You’re pretty wet.” His voice had deepened and Jenny knew it was his horny voice. She thought his cock, still pressing into her side, was harder than before.

“Mmm…hmmm,” She moaned in agreement and wiggled her butt letting him know she wanted more.

But more of what? More spanking? Or more of his hand between her legs?

Perfect  female bodyBlurb: The Rower’s Paddle

A fun tale of what happens when Jenny, a young college student, goes home for winter break to spend the holidays with her family and discovers her aunt is writing erotic novels. The stories Aunt Naomi writes are about something called Domestic Discipline and involve spanking, both for punishment and erotic fun. To her surprise, Jenny becomes very aroused while reading the stories.

When school begins for the spring semester, Jenny’s roommate wants to read the novels and several other friends borrow Jenny’s e-reader. Soon, there’s a surprising amount of squirming and wriggling going on in the classrooms as young ladies struggle to sit comfortably on their sore bottoms.

Jenny and her boyfriend, Mike, begin experimenting with erotic spankings. It isn’t long before Jenny is caught in a lie and the young couple has to decide if they want to step into the Domestic Discipline dynamic. Will Jenny agree to allow Mike to punish her?



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