The Rower’s Paddle – a short snippet

Perfect  female bodyThe Rower’s Paddle

Here’s the set-up for this scene:

Jenny has downloaded a few of her aunt’s books on spanking and Domestic Discipline. She and her boyfriend are reading one of them and since they’re so busy with school, work, and other activities, they will not see each other until the weekend. In this snippet they are on the phone discussing the punishment spankings in the book they are reading.

The rest of the week was busy for both Jenny and Mike. They were unable to see each other again until the weekend. During the week they made do with text messaging and Mike called Jenny every night before they went to bed.

They were reading the same book now and they talked about it during their phone conversations. This particular book had elements of both erotic and discipline spanking. Sometimes they read sections of the book together.

During one conversation, Mike told Jenny he was getting turned on even with reading about the discipline spanking.

“Me too,” Jenny said. “I don’t know why, I feel like if I was being punished I sure wouldn’t be getting turned on while it was happening. But while I’m reading about it, it seems to be a whole other story.”

“I know what you mean,” Mike said. “But I just can’t really think of anything you would need to be punished for.”

Jenny laughed and said, “That’s because I’m such a good girl. I never do anything wrong so there’s no need to give me that kind of spanking.”

Right after she said those words, Jenny remembered she had lied to him about telling Sarah she had let Mike spank her. Should she confess? Would Mike think it was something to punish her for? She certainly didn’t want to tell him about it over the phone. Maybe she would tell him when she saw him on Friday night.

Blurb: A fun tale of what happens when Jenny, a young college student, goes home for winter break to spend the holidays with her family and discovers her aunt is writing erotic novels. The stories Aunt Naomi writes are about something called Domestic Discipline and involve spanking, both for punishment and erotic fun. To her surprise, Jenny becomes very aroused while reading the stories.

When school begins for the spring semester, Jenny’s roommate wants to read the novels and several other friends borrow Jenny’s e-reader. Soon, there’s a surprising amount of squirming and wriggling going on in the classrooms as young ladies struggle to sit comfortably on their sore bottoms.

Jenny and her boyfriend, Mike, begin experimenting with erotic spankings. It isn’t long before Jenny is caught in a lie and the young couple has to decide if they want to step into the Domestic Discipline dynamic. Will Jenny agree to allow Mike to punish her?

Perfect  female body

One thought on “The Rower’s Paddle – a short snippet

  1. I am very curious to see where this story goes. There was a young couple that we met on another sight, where they were actually living this kind of life style. They did a lot of skyping too. For some reason, it bothered me because my son was the same age and I wasn’t sure if I could imagine or that I would want to think of my son being mature enough to handle a relationship where spanking was involved. I would like to see where your story goes and hopefully it will open my mind. Except. as a mother, I am not sure if I will ever want to think about my son having any kind of sex. Lol

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