Q is for Quickies

A to Z Spanking Blog Challenge


Today is day 17 of the A to Z Spanking Blog Challenge and that means it’s Q Day. Q is for Quickies. Sometimes there’s no time for a long love-making session yet we suddenly get ‘the urge.’ That’s when it’s time for a quickie. Quickies are fun, hot, and sexy. Here are a dozen places to have one.




In the shower – The shower has always been a great place for hot steamy sex. You get all slick and slippery with water and soap, and when you’re done not only are you clean, but happy and smiling.


Outside – Is there a secluded spot in your yard? Or maybe you can wander off the trail during a hike and find a little hiding spot where you can have some fun. Again, the danger of being caught heightens the thrill.

backseat of car

In the backseat of your car – I know this is the classic spot for teenagers to make out, but who says adults can’t engage in a little quickie fun?


In the closet – A perfect spot if you’re at home and have little ones running around. Just slip into closet, close the door, turn off the light, and do it. All those clothes will help to muffle the sound and no one will ever think to look for you in there.


dressing rooms

The dressing room in a clothing store – This one is a little more on the risky side. You never know when someone else might walk in so it’s best to try and keep quiet. But the danger of being possibly caught adds to the excitement.



In Mom & Dad’s house – If you have to go to a parent’s house for dinner you can always slip into a bathroom or even a guestroom for a quickie.


At a concert or play – Find a little alcove and do your thing! Everyone is listening to the music or concentrating on the play; no one will pay any attention to what you’re doing.



On the balcony or terrace – On vacation and have a beautiful view from the balcony? If weather permits, why not have a quickie in the open air on the balcony of your suite?


In the bathroom – Turn the exhaust fan on to muffle the sounds and use the mirror for extra visual enhancement.


In an elevator – Hit the ‘stop elevator’ button so the doors won’t open on you and have fun! But be careful…many elevators have security cameras and you don’t want to get caught.

Basement quickie

In the basement – An excellent area for a quickie. There’s usually a furnace, washing machine or dryer to help cover the sounds of your quickie.


wherever you are

Wherever you like in your house – On the kitchen counter, dining room table, living room sofa, on a soft rug or blanket in front of your fireplace. Wherever you are!

What’s your favorite place for a quickie?

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