Saturday Spankings – Threatened with the belt

Sat Spankings

Welcome to this week’s edition of Saturday Spankings! I’m continuing on with the section I started a few weeks ago from Spank Her So Good. I hope you enjoy it and be sure to check out all the other entries in this blog hop.


Blurb:  Still healing from the loss of her husband three years earlier, Samantha Robbins is struggling to get her real estate career on the right track. When a neighbor on her block tries to sell his house on his own, Samantha calls him hoping he’ll eventually decide to use an agent and hire her.

Mac McClintock needs to sell his house. He inherited it from his aunt a few years ago and was hanging on to it in the hopes the value would increase now that the housing crisis was on the mend. He had a ranch to run and his aunt’s house was taking up too much of his time. He hires Sam, but lets her know in no uncertain terms he expects things to be done in a timely and efficient manner. It takes her less than two weeks to cause him to take her to task for an error in the marketing of his aunt’s house.

Sparks fly when she’s given the choice of bending over his kitchen island counter for a sound spanking or having the listing canceled.

Spank Her So Good merged

Lead-in: Mac has threatened a date with his belt when Samantha doesn’t answer him. She still doesn’t answer his latest threat and he yells through the door again. This time she opens the door and gives him an answer.

Checking to make sure her pants were zipped and buttoned, she adjusted her blouse, and jerked the bathroom door open almost violently.

“Here’s your answer, Mac,” She spit out every word with precise enunciation. “Take your fucking listing, roll it up tight, and shove it up your ass!”

She pushed past him and strode to the front door. After yanking it open she turned around and said, “You can e-mail me your letter of cancellation.”

Shutting the door with a loud slam, Samantha jauntily walked home with a big smile on her face. She was glad to be rid of that listing. Dealing with Mac had turned into a nightmare and was definitely not something she wanted to continue. Just who the hell did he think he was?


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