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Welcome to Saturday Spankings! It’s been a busy week here and I thought I wouldn’t get this done this week. But here I am and still have 3 hours before the deadline! I hope everyone has had a fabulous week. I’m a little over the 8 line limit so I hope I don’t get into trouble. They’re short sentences, I promise! I will be giving you a snippet of the 3rd short story in my book Spank Her More. Hope you enjoy it and don’t forget to check out everyone else’s posting!

Spank Her More

Blurb:  Cindy just bought a new house but has to keep calling the repairman to help her with her appliances that seem to continually breakdown. Jon informs her she’s in need of a good spanking if she doesn’t start maintaining them properly.

Spank Her More Final


The Repairman: Cindy has to keep calling Jon, the repairman, to come and fix things. After several visits for repairs, Cindy decides to ask the hunky guy to come back for dinner and her special grilled hamburgers. She dresses provocatively for him and he asks if she always dresses like that when she has a man over for dinner.

“Do you find something objectionable about the way I’m dressed?” Cindy asked.

“Frankly, yes. You barely know me. I could be a serial rapist for all you know. I wouldn’t want my sister dressing like that for some guy she’d only met a few times. And if I had a wife, I’d tan her hide if she dressed like that when a repair man came over.”
“Are you a serial rapist?”
“No, of course not. I’m just saying you should be more careful about how you dress in front of men you barely know.”
“Would you really ‘tan your wife’s hide’ if she dressed like this?”


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18 thoughts on “The Repairman – Saturday Spankings

  1. Oopsies, she really should be more careful as I think she is about to find out!
    He may not be a serial rapist, but he’s a spanker 😀
    Great snippet

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