B is for BDSM

Day 2 of the Spanking Blog Challenge


I’m going to bet that more than a few of my fellow bloggers partaking in this challenge will have BDSM for their B entry.

While BDSM is definitely not for everyone, I think we all have at least a tiny little fantasy about it. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be tied up, spread-eagled out on the bed, and have your partner do all sorts of delicious things to you? What if you added a blindfold?

What would it be like to be tied up, blindfolded, and have no idea of what was coming next? It could be a series of feather soft caresses on your body – a body that is super sensitive because you’re lying there in anticipation of the next sensation.


Perhaps it will be the sting of the belt across your bottom, or the burn of the cane. If you’re on your back, maybe it will the pinch of nipple clamps.  Or maybe there won’t be any pain at all. Maybe it will all be nothing more than you and your body being worshipped with gentle kisses, soft touches, and words of love.

I must admit the whole idea of being tied up scares me. Ever since I read Gerald’s Game by Stephen King about a woman who is handcuffed to the bed by her husband in his game of bondage, the idea scares the you know what out of me. I don’t want to spoil the book for anyone who hasn’t read it yet, but her husband has a heart attack and there she is, stuck in a cabin during the off-season with no one to hear her cries of help. Of course, in true Stephen King fashion, the poor woman begins hearing things and the reader is left to determine what is real or what is just all in her head.

There’s much more to BDSM than my few examples and I know I will be hopping around on the blogs below to see who else is writing about BDSM.

10 thoughts on “B is for BDSM

  1. I have the horrors of being left tied up, exactly like that, by accident. But nowadays thank god, there is velcro cuffs! Great post.

    • Velcro cuffs would make it less frightening, Tara. I am a big chicken when it comes to restraints. But it’s a great fantasy for me.

  2. Blindfolded and bound, takes complete trust, but was it wonderful! Oh course, it was with my husband. Memories! ahhh

  3. I’m thinking it’s a good thing I haven’t read that particular Stephan King book. LOL

    Being tied up takes a LOAD of trust and for me, it takes awhile to achieve that level of trust along. It’s actually easier at a play party of club, to be honest. You know there are others watching out for you :)

    So, if you want to try it? Find a BDSM club.

    It’s wonderfully amazing.

      • It’s amazing how those little typos always get through.
        Yeah, that book ruined any possibility of me ever being willing to be tied up. I’ve never tried a BDSM club either. The possibility of running into someone from RL is too scary for me.

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