C is for Cowboys


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C is for Cowboys

What girl doesn’t love a cowboy? They’re strong and tough. They ride horses all day and rope cattle. They have a strong sense of right and wrong and most of them (at least in my mind and my books) choose to do the right thing. They have a firm moral compass and don’t stray too far from their path.

They look so appealing in their western shirts with the pearlized snap buttons, jeans, and cowboy boots. And don’t forget the hat! The hat is what screams “Yep, I’m a cowboy.”

Hawk copy

Every cowboy I’ve met (and I’ve met more than a few) has been polite. They say “Yes, ma’am,” and “No, ma’am.” Quite often they offer to help if you’re lifting something heavy or doing something that looks like it might be a struggle for you. I’ve even had a few older cowboys call me ‘little lady’ or ‘young lady.’ I especially like the ‘young lady’ as I’m far from young.

That’s not to say all cowboys are fine, upstanding men. There’s some bad guys in their ranks, that’s for sure. They would be the cattle rustlers, horse thieves, and others of dubious ethics. Those bad guys can help my western stories by bringing in a little conflict and excitement, while the good guys always make things right and save the day.

So, what do you like about cowboys?

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7 thoughts on “C is for Cowboys

  1. Lots of cowboys and cookie monsters out today! What i like most about cowboys is the way they talk!

  2. I’m a Texas girl and was raised around Cowboys my whole life:) (THANK GOD) My dad rode Broncs and Bulls when I was a little girl. I’ll tell you something about Cowboys and I know a lot, they are real. The nicest people in the world. They don’t try to be something they’re not and they a the hardest workers I know. Very nice good guys, and if they aren’t then they probably aren’t REAL Cowboys. My dad always said that a “Cowboy” or a “Cowgirl” that tells you that He/She is a Cowboy/Cowgirl chances are they’re “want a be’s” You’ll know a Cowboy/Cowgirl in the way they act. I still believe that to this day. I will usually shy away from the ones that jump right in and say they are cowboys or cowgirls. Product of my raisin’ I guess. I love anything Cowboy. YUM- love your post:)))

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