Spank Her Now – Eve Gets Corner Time

Spank Her Now finalThis is from the first book in the Spank Her series. They are all stand alone books so you can read them in any order.

Spank Her Now – Eve gets corner time:

“Well, shit, Stephen.” Eve said now. “I don’t really know what to say.”

“Darling, are you trying to purposely provoke me?”

“What the hell are you talking about?” She asked before she realized she had just spoken two swear words and her tone had been more than just bordering on what Stephen would call snippy.

“I’m sorry, Stephen. I didn’t realize the rules were already in force.”

“They are in force, Eve. And sorry doesn’t cut it; it doesn’t take the words back. I will ask you now to please go to the bedroom, strip off your pants and panties, and stand in the corner by my dresser facing the wall.”

“What? Stand in the corner? With my ass naked? Are you nuts, Stephen? I’m not a child. What the fuck has gotten into you?”

He looked at her very sternly and said, “You are digging a deeper and deeper hole, Eve. If you don’t do as I ask, your punishment will be that much worse. I will not warn you again. Now get in the bedroom and wait for me. I’ll be there shortly.”

Eve sat there and glared at him. Stephen glared back at her. Finally Stephen said, “I will count to three. If you have not started towards the bedroom when I get to three, I will strip you here in the kitchen and turn you over my knee. And when I’m done spanking you in here, I will take you in the bedroom and spank you again. Do you understand?”

Eve was scared now. Stephen had never spoken to her like this. She felt like she didn’t know this Stephen. She got up and turned towards the bedroom. Stephen spoke again, more sharply this time. “Answer me, Eve. Do you understand?”

“Yes! Yes, I understand! Can’t you see I’m heading for the fucking bedroom?”

Stephen shook his head, “There’s that bad attitude again. Eve, I’m afraid you have a lot to learn.”

Eve went into the bedroom without saying anything more. She would only get herself into more trouble with this new version of her husband. She kicked off her shoes, slipped out of her jeans and then the panties. Stephen hadn’t said anything about her top so she left in on and smiled to herself when she realized that this particular top was long enough to cover her ass.

She looked at the corner she was ordered to stand in and realized that Stephen had planned this standing in the corner punishment earlier. His dresser was moved over a little more and there was a small empty space where the corner of the dresser used to be much closer to the corner of Stephen’s nightstand. Now there was enough room for her to slip into the corner.

How humiliating this was; standing here waiting for him to come in and do whatever he was planning to do to her. She knew she was in for another spanking and suspected that this one might be worse than the first one. She hoped there was nothing more he had in mind.

Spank Her Now final


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