O is for Orgasm

Day 15 of the Spanking Blog Challenge


Orgasms. Do you fake it to make your partner feel good about him/herself?  How many can you have in succession?


Poor guys, it seems women have all the luck when it comes to orgasms.


That must have been a hell of a night!


I’m all for this one! Every day an ORGASM day!

And my question to you is this: Have you ever been spanked to orgasm??

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2 thoughts on “O is for Orgasm

  1. Have I told you I love your very visual posts? I do. Mmm, the guys are not doing great in the female orgasm statistics, do they? Well to answer your question, no I never spanked my girl to the big O. It is the combination that makes the volcano erupt I think.

    • Why thank you, Han. As for guys not doing great in female orgasm stats – I wonder how much of that is caused by women faking it? The problem with faking it is the man then mistakenly thinks he’s doing everything just right. I read a blog on that not too long ago and can’t remember whose blog it was.

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