N is for Nipples

Day 14 of the Spanking Blog Challenge


Nipples come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. They can stand out and be erect almost all of the time. Or they can be flat and smooth most of the time and then become hard due to stimulation by clothes, cold temperatures, or other attention. They come in varying shades of pink and brown. Like everything else about our bodies, women tend to worry about if their nipples are “normal” or different from other women’s nipples.


When I was unmarried I went to a bar with a girlfriend and a man approached me and offered to buy me a drink. He was good looking and I accepted. No sooner did our drinks arrive and he said, “Did you know you have thirteen bumps around your nipples?” ¬†What a lame pick-up line! I asked him what made him think he knew how many bumps I have and he claimed all women have thirteen bumps.

Guess what I did when I got home? Yep, I stood in front of the mirror and counted those bumps. He was wrong. Then I called my friend and she too had checked out her bump count. Neither one of us had thirteen bumps and the number of bumps wasn’t even the same on both breasts. I didn’t see that guy again and I wonder how successful his stupid pick-up line really was.

So how many of you are going straight to the mirror to count your bumps?

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