Fire in the Rockies: What am I – your pet dog?

Sat Spankings

It’s time for Saturday Spankings! I have another snippet for you from my recent Corbin’s Bend release, Fire in the Rockies. Enjoy!

Blurb: Fiery and strong Kelly Carmichael is a bit of a chip off the old block. Her father Jack and her uncle Brent are strong dominant individuals who can get the job done. And yet there’s a part of her that desires to be dominated in the bedroom. Unsure of her own desires in the DD department, she moves to Corbin’s Bend to be close to family and to work at the Corbin’s Bend Medical Center. Her first day she runs into RJ Butler.
RJ has been in Corbin’s Bend for a while and wants nothing more than to find a woman he can take care of and develop a solid domestic discipline relationship with. Fiery, intelligent Kelly catches his interest and it isn’t long before he wants more. He just can’t tell if she is truly willing to submit to him.
Sparks fly and heat rises in the Colorado Rockies. If RJ and Kelly can make it through the embers, their relationship just might make it. But when a forest fire cuts them off from all help, it’s them against nature. Will they make it home? Or is their fire set to go out?


Kelly has just been told to come out of the corner and she’s over RJ’s lap about to get spanked.

“Did you think about what I asked you to?”
He gave her ass a mild slap and said, “The correct response is ‘yes, sir.’ Now try again.”
She hesitated a second, and then said, “Yes, sir.” Her voice trembled a little.
“Good girl. And did you come to any conclusion?”
Her body stiffened and her head lifted and turned in an attempt to look back at him, and she  said, “Good girl? What am I, your pet dog? Lassie? Don’t call me good girl. I’m not your puppy-dog.”

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5 thoughts on “Fire in the Rockies: What am I – your pet dog?

  1. Given her family connections, her reaction to “good girl” is interesting. There are times when I want a heroine to ask the hero if he thinks she’s some feeble-minded little twit or a pet deserving of a pat on the head, but I was surprised his comment of approval is what set Kelly off. Definitely makes me want to know more.

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