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I’m a little late announcing my latest book here on my blog. This went live on Amazon yesterday. I have a house guest this weekend and have to be sneaky with my smut writing. I also missed Saturday Spanks this week (again) so here’s the blurb and a snippet for you. Enjoy!


Blurb: Raised by her grandparents after her mother and father are killed in an automobile accident, Julie Fallon returns to the ranch she was born on. Fed up with city life and a job that requires too much travel, she returns to the ranch where her grandfather is now all alone.

When she arrives, she is stunned to discover her grandfather expects her to marry the owner of the neighboring ranch who has been helping Gramps with running his ranch. In fact, marrying Seth is the only way she’ll inherit the ranch. The ranch she feels is her birthright and should be hers without having to marrying anyone.

Thrown together with Seth in back to back blizzards, Julie loses her grandfather when he succumbs to his illness and learns she has only thirty days to marry Seth or the ranch will be put up for sale.
To add insult to injury, Seth isn’t just your ordinary cowboy. No, he’s the kind of cowboy who’s made it his mission to paddle her bottom whenever he thinks she needs it. Her grandfather’s will states they must be married for at least ten years or the ranch will be sold.
Should she just forget living on the ranch and go back to the job she’s grown to hate or can Julie resign herself to enduring a minimum of ten years of marriage to the spanking cowboy?

His to Tame Final

This snippet is right after Seth has given her a quick spanking (a well-padded one since she’s dressed for freezing conditions) for her attitude after he’s tried to help her change her flat tire.

  She threw an arm back to hit him but missed. As soon his arm came away from her back, Julie straightened up and turned to him with fire in her eyes.

“Touch me one more time, mother fucker, and I’ll see your ass in jail.”

“Young lady, that wasn’t a tenth of the spanking I’m gonna give you if you don’t start watching what comes out of your mouth. Now I suggest you get in your car before you get frost-bite and go on your merry way.”

Her mouth opened and closed like a fish looking for food. Apparently she couldn’t think of a retort or sensed from his tone that he meant what he said.

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