K is for Kudos to all our Bloggers

Day 11 of the Spanking Blog Challenge


K could have been for kisses. But I’m sure there’ll be other participants who’ll kiss their way through K.

I want to say Kudos to all our bloggers who are working so hard getting a post up every day during this challenge. There are a number of bloggers who write posts a couple of times a week or more. They participate in Saturday Spanks! and other regularly featured blog hops.  I actually envy how they manage to blog so much. Not only do they blog, but they twitter regularly and post on Facebook frequently. It makes me wonder how the heck they get any book writing done. Compared to most of them, I’m a slacker.


Even though I have more books published than some of our regular bloggers, my promotional efforts leave a lot to be desired. Yes, I’m going to make excuses now. I have two other jobs besides writing. Both of those jobs are sort of full time, but not really. One is in sales and while I do something in that job every day and some days it takes up the entire day, it’s not really a 40 hour a week job. The second job is not in sales but is similar in that some days are super busy with a lot to do and other days I can let things slide and get some writing in.

I try and write at least 1500 to 2000 words a day. Every so often I manage to do 5000 words in a day. On my treadmill desk I can usually write between 1100 and 1700 words in the hour and nine minutes that I’m on it. Yes, I know that the hour and nine minutes comes to a total of 69 minutes. Please, get your minds out of the gutter.

I signed up for this blog challenge in an effort to make myself work harder at getting my name and my books more visibility. That is the whole purpose of blogging, isnt’ it? But it’s been a challenge getting something up on the blog every day. Thinking of a subject for the day’s letter, then writing it, then hunting down pictures. I can’t believe how much time I spend looking for pictures I can use.

So today, for the letter K, I’m saying Kudos to all the bloggers who manage to ‘do it all’ so effortlessly. There’s too many to list, which makes me feel even more like a slacker. Or if not a slacker, then just a disorganized person who can’t get it together.

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