The Rower’s Paddle – Auntie is writing naughty books

The Rower's Paddle Lead in: Jenny and her cousins had spent the later part of Christmas Eve listening to their Aunt Naomi explain about the naughty books she wrote. They involved spanking and something called Domestic Discipline. Everyone was settling in for the night and Jenny wanted to listen to the conversation again. Luckily, she had recorded it.

Excerpt: Jenny had quietly turned on the voice recorder in her smartphone during the entire conversation and as she snuggled in next to Nicole on one of the air mattresses, she put her ear-buds in and listened to the whole thing before going to sleep. She almost wished winter break was over so she could go back to the university and tell Mike about the books her aunt was writing and the lifestyle called Domestic Discipline. She was intrigued by the whole idea and could actually see how it could be beneficial to adopt such a lifestyle. Jenny just wasn’t sure she liked the idea of getting spanked if and when she messed up. But at the same time, there was that little tingling between her legs when she imagined Mike bringing his hand down on her ass for a firm spanking. Mike had swatted her butt a few times, but only in passing. He’d smack her tush and say, ‘Get a move on, it’s time to go.’ Sometimes after a hot love-making session, he’d whack her butt and tell her how good it was. All that was just in fun. What would it be like if he took her over his knee when she did something that disappointed him? Could she really let him make rules for her that would allow him to punish her if she broke those rules? The Rower's Paddle   Buy now     Amazon      Barnes & Noble      Smashwords