Spanking A to Z Blogging Challenge


Spanking Romance Reviews is sponsoring this event and I signed up for it. Yeah, me – I signed up. I have a hard time blogging once a week and often two or three weeks go by without me posting anything. So now I’m going to try and blog for 26 out of the 30 days in June. Oh boy – shall we start laughing now?

Life just always seems to get in the way. I have two other jobs besides writing and one of those jobs has been keeping me really busy for the last few months. Which is good – I look at it as job security. I’m not complaining. But I would like to blog more. So we’ll see how I do on this challenge. I will try to not let other things interfere.

I’m going to cheat a little bit. But I don’t think it can really be called cheating. First, I’m going to work on my posts and get them lined up to publish automatically. From what I read, lots of bloggers write all their posts once a week and schedule them to publish when they want. So let me correct myself, I’m not cheating. I’m just taking advantage of an available tool. I hope to have at least half of my posts scheduled before the end of May. Then maybe I can skate through the second half in June without freaking out about being a failure.

Below is a list of everyone who has signed up so far. Join us if you haven’t already. Or just wait and visit all the fantastic blogs.