Saturday Spankings – What does Sylvie want??

Sat Spankings

Welcome to another fun round of Saturday Spankings! Last week was my first week back in quite a while and I have to say I’d forgotten how hard it can be to limit the snippets to eight sentences. But on the bright side, I ended up adding to my TBR list. I’m sure I’ll add even more today.

So last week I left you hanging with Bill Morgan making promises to his lovely wife, Sylvie. She’s had to bail him out of his debt with the loan shark and she’s not happy. He’s promising to do ‘anything’ she wants to make it up to her. She doesn’t believe him; she’s heard those promises before. So let’s see what Sylvie has in mind.

Blurb: Sylvie and Bill Morgan have a happy marriage–for the most part. From time-to-time, Sylvie worries that Bill might be taking advantage of her late husband’s hard-earned money by gambling and squandering it away. Sure, Sylvie had some bad habits her first husband had to break her of, but bending her over his knee for her naughty and disobedient ways turned her into a dutiful wife.

But when loan sharks come knocking and Bill’s debt is worse than ever before, Sylvie decides it’s time to take matters into her own hands. Determined to convince Bill that spanking has beneficial results, she does everything she can to show him that it’s not “glorified abuse.” After Bill gets more tuned in than ever, it’s his turn to remind Sylvie that “what’s good for the goose is even better for the gander.”


Today’s Snippet:

“Really? You’d do anything?”
“You name it, babe, and I’ll do it.”
Okay, she thought to herself, let’s see if he really means it.
“Drop your pants and bend over the kitchen table. I’m going to spank you.”
“What?” he chuckled first and then laughed out loud. “You want to spank me?”
“Yes, I do. You said you’d do anything to make it up to me. I want you to bend over the table, butt naked, and I’m going spank you.”

Will Bill agree? Come back next week to find out!

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Flying Lessons – Saturday Spankings

Sat Spankings

Welcome to another edition of Saturday Spankings! I’m not going to complain again about how I didn’t get to this until Friday. We’re heading into our Christmas season at hubby’s business and things are busy, busy, busy. For the next few Saturday Spankings I’m going to give you snippets from another of my oldies. This one, Spank Her More , is a collection of 5 short stories and we’ll do one each week. I hope you enjoy them, and be sure to check out all the other blogs participating in this blog hop.


Blurb: Margie is taking flying lessons from a former U.S. Marine who will bring her to task if she doesn’t follow correct flight safety procedure.

Spank Her More Final

Flying Lessons:  Margie loves the little fun ‘punishments’ Bob gives her after nearly every lesson, but she’s made a bad landing that could have resulted in a crash and serious injuries. Just last week, Bob wasn’t happy with what he called her sloppy pre-flight checklist and spanked her with his wooden ruler. It was her first real punishment. Now, with the bad landing Margie just made, Bob accuses her of being overconfident and she argues with him. He threatens to take his belt to her ass.

She wondered what the belt would feel like; if it would be similar to the leather strap. Another twitch zipped down her belly and she felt her pussy contract slightly. Her thighs squeezed together and suddenly she wanted to feel the snap of his belt across her bottom.

“Maybe you should,” She said softly. “I mean, if you really think I was overconfident and careless, then maybe you should use your belt on me.”

Bob looked at her out of the corner of his eye and said, “You better be sure about what you’re asking for. If I use my belt on you for carelessness and overconfidence, it’s not going to be a walk in the park or any fun. It’ll be a punishment spanking, worse than what you had with the ruler last week.”


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Spank Her So Good – Reliving Her Spanking

Spank Her So Good merged

Since the night Mac spanked her for messing up on the marketing materials for the sale of his house, Sam couldn’t fall asleep without reliving it.

Excerpt:  Just like every other night since Mac had spanked her, Sam stared up at her ceiling and relived what she had come to refer to as ‘the humiliation.’ She went over her response when he first suggested she drop her pants and lean over the island counter. What else could she have said? The suggestion had taken her completely by surprise. There had even been a few split seconds where she wondered if her mind was playing tricks on her.

One thing she did know; the moment she realized he was serious, she should have walked out. It had been a mistake to let the state of her financial condition influence her decision to comply with his so-called consequence.

After analyzing the prelude to her capitulation, she relived the feel of his left hand on her back and the first sharp crack of his hand coming down on her panty covered bottom. That first whack had been followed by several more spanks before he’d yanked down her panties and peppered her ass with even harder smacks. Maybe they only felt harder without the protection of her panties.

After Lori told her about being spanked by her former boyfriend as part of foreplay, by the time Sam got to the part where her spanking became a bare bottomed one, her hand invariably ended up between her legs and she pleasured herself while reliving the rest of ‘the humiliation.’

Her orgasm usually came when she got to the part where he threatened a date with his belt if she continued being disrespectful. Why that was the final thing that pushed her over the edge, she didn’t know.


Blurb: Still healing from the loss of her husband three years earlier, Samantha Robbins is struggling to get her real estate career on the right track. When a neighbor on her block tries to sell his house on his own, Samantha calls him hoping he’ll eventually decide to use an agent and hire her.

Mac McClintock needs to sell his house. He inherited it from his aunt a few years ago and was hanging on to it in the hopes the value would increase now that the housing crisis was on the mend. He had a ranch to run and his aunt’s house was taking up too much of his time. He hires Sam, but lets her know in no uncertain terms he expects things to be done in a timely and efficient manner. It takes her less than two weeks to cause him to take her to task for an error in the marketing of his aunt’s house.

Sparks fly when she’s given the choice of bending over his kitchen island counter for a sound spanking or having the listing canceled.

Warning: This story contains scenes involving adult spanking, and the discipline of an adult woman by an adult male. Explicit sex scenes. If you are or may be offended by such material, please don’t buy this book!

Spank Her So Good merged


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Maid for the Cowboy – does Callie need a spanking?

Maid for the Cowboy final


Maid for the Cowboy – Does Callie need a spanking?

“I didn’t mean to yell at you,” Joe said. “I was afraid you’d get bitten.”

“For a second there, I was afraid you were getting ready to spank me again.” Callie blurted it out without even thinking. She was blushing now and hoped Joe wouldn’t notice in the dim light of the barn.

Joe chuckled and asked, “Do you need a spanking, Callie? Have you been naughty?”

Her pussy clenched tightly as she looked up at him. “I don’t think so…I mean…I don’t think I’ve been naughty.”

Joe put his arms around her, and whispered in her ear, “You were a little careless there with Blue. He could have given your hand a bad bite.”

With her heart beating faster, she said, “But I didn’t know I had to be careful with him.”

“You should always be careful with any animal, Callie. Maybe I need to give you a spanking to drive that home.”

Joe spoke softly, in a low voice that was more arousing than threatening. It turned her on and made her want him to spank her, though she couldn’t for the life of her understand why. She pulled back so she could see his face.

“Are you going to? Spank me, I mean?”

He was sure he saw desire in her eyes. Desire for him? For lovemaking? For a spanking? Maybe for all of the above.

“Mmm hmm, I think so, Callie.”

He led her to the tack room in the corner. It was a small room with a door and Joe closed and locked it. Then he sat down on the bench and unbuttoned Callie’s jeans. She was trembling, but not protesting. He slipped his hands under her waistband and worked the jeans down to her knees. Then he tugged her panties down and ran his hands up her outer thighs, back to her hips.

“Over my knee, Callie.”

Maid for the Cowboy final

Blurb: Things heat up between Callie and Joe almost from the start when Callie is hired after answering an ad for a position as housekeeper/cook for five cowboy brothers on their ranch in Arizona. She learns the hard way that Joe means it when he says safety is the most important concern on the ranch. This lesson is given with Callie over Joe’s knee and his big hand delivering hard spanks to her bottom.

The attraction between Joe and Callie grows into much more. Soon Callie is in love and has to ask herself if she can reconcile herself to a life with a cowboy who delivers a spanking every time she does something he considers dangerous or unsafe.

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Withdrawing Consent – a snippet

Withdrawing Consent

Blurb: Christine and Alex Morgan are a young couple in their late twenties. Both are busy professionals and Christine has several outside interests. Her book club has chosen a new title called “Save Your Marriage the Old Fashioned Way.” Christine thinks it’s nothing but a way to take women back to the Stone Age, but she reads it for the book club and discovers the old fashioned way to save your marriage is by utilizing something called Domestic Discipline. Alex finds the book interesting and when the members of Christine’s book club next meet, they all decide to try this plan in their own relationships for a thirty day trial. Things go awry when Alex and Christine put this dynamic to work in their marriage and the question now is; can they get back on track and have a happy relationship?

Excerpt:  At the next meeting, Christine was not really surprised when Lani announced that not only had she read the whole book again, but had decided to embark on beginning a domestic discipline based relationship with her husband.

“Are you serious?” Christine asked. “Are you going to actually allow your husband to hit you?”

Lani gave a huge, exaggerated sigh and answered, “Not hit me; spank me if he feels I need it. It’s not abuse, Christine. And it is consensual. We’ve agreed to have a thirty day trial and then evaluate the results.”

“Oh, that’s a great idea!” Erica exclaimed. “I’m going to bring it up to Jim and see if he’s willing to do a trial period.”

“You know what?” Suzanne asked excitedly. “Why don’t we all bring it up with our husbands and see what they think? It could be a group activity; trying out domestic discipline. What do you all think?”

Christine rolled her eyes when all the women agreed to give it a try. She couldn’t believe nine modern women were willing to give all control to their husbands and become submissive little Stepford wives.

“What’s the matter, Christine?” Suzanne asked. “Are you afraid to give up a little control? Are you afraid Alex would become abusive?”

“Of course not,” Christine was quick to defend her position on the issue. “It’s just that I see no reason to become submissive. I run a textile manufacturing plant, how can I be submissive and still do my job? It just doesn’t make any sense.”

“Erica is an attorney and she’s willing to try it. You don’t have to be submissive on the job. Just at home, with your husband. You and Alex can talk and decide on the level of submissiveness that you are willing to accept.”

And so it was that Christine was almost browbeaten into giving the domestic discipline dynamic a try. The women agreed that they would discuss things with their respective husbands and work out a plan that suited their lives and relationships. They would compare notes at the next meeting and move cautiously forward while they tried to put the various recommended steps in the book into practice.

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New snippet – Spank Her Again

Spank Her Again

Spank Her Again: After experiencing the amazing hot sex after her first ‘practice’ spanking, Maggie asks for another spanking.

Excerpt: Spence kissed her again, this time deeper. He backed her up to the huge bed and said, “You know, this bed has not been really broken in yet.”

“Really?” Maggie asked. “Would you like some assistance with that?”

“Hmm…yes,” He kissed her again. “I think that’s a good idea.

Maggie stood and looked at him. There was something she wanted to ask, but she was embarrassed.

“What?” Spence asked when he saw she had something to say.

“I’m a little embarrassed to admit this, I feel funny telling you, but…um…well, I think I would like to have another erotic spanking.” Maggie blushed at voicing her desire.

Spence was surprised, but he took it in stride. “That can be arranged. Why don’t we get undressed and take a quick shower to clean up after our hike?”

Maggie thought that sound lovely. Maybe they could incorporate some shower sex into their cleaning up. She stripped off her clothes, stepped into the huge shower and turned on the water. There were several shower heads delivering water. The main rain forest style one from the ceiling cascaded down on her head while smaller nozzles sprayed water at other parts of her body.

Spence joined her and squirted some liquid soap into his palm. He rubbed his hands together to build up some lather and began washing Maggie. He started at her ankles and spread the silky lather up her calves and thighs, then over her hips and to her waist. From there, he continued to her breasts. As the water sluiced off the soap, Spence dipped his head and took a nipple in his mouth and suckled on it.

Maggie moaned and reached for his cock. It was already hard and throbbing. God, she wanted to feel it deep inside her. She wasn’t sure she could wait much longer.

Spence slipped a hand between her legs, parted her pussy lips, and slid two fingers into her. She was warm and very wet.

She moaned again, “Spence, I don’t think I can wait. I want you now, inside me. Please fuck me.”

He shut off the water, grabbed a large towel and wrapped it around both of them. Holding her close, inside the cocoon of the towel, he maneuvered them towards the bed.

“I’m going to fuck you, Maggie. I’m going to ram my cock into your wet pussy and fuck you until you come. But first, I’m going to spank you until your ass is a rosy red.”

Blurb: Maggie leaves her abusive husband and drives with no destination in mind, all she wants is to get far away from him. She ends up in the small town of Blue Moon, Wyoming and finds herself in the medical clinic after fainting in the grocery store. She’s under Dr. Robert Spencer’s care and he doesn’t think Maggie is taking care of herself. Spence believes in the domestic discipline lifestyle and is ready to see to it that Maggie starts taking better care of herself, even if it means putting her over his knee and reddening her backside. But Maggie just left an abusive relationship and is unsure if she wants to get involved with a man who wants to spank her.

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Spank Her More – snippet

Spank Her More Final

Spank Her More is my book with 5 short spanking stories. This snippet is from the second story, Sunbathing.

Mary is sunbathing on her pool deck while listening to a hot and steamy audio book. She gets so worked up she can’t help but let her hand slip between her legs to pleasure herself. Her pool man picks that moment to come into her backyard and gets an unexpected treat. When she finally sees him, she asks him to put some sunscreen on her back and of course he agrees.

“Mmm…you have strong hands. I bet you give a great massage,” Mary said as she wiggled her butt in appreciation.

Joe didn’t answer; his hard-on was becoming uncomfortable as it strained against his shorts. He moved to her shoulders hoping a little distance from her gorgeous ass would help alleviate that discomfort. It didn’t. He worked his way back down and soon was near the edge of her bikini bottom.

“Could you be sure to get just under the top of my bottoms? I always seem to get a little line of sunburn there so I like to make sure I get underneath the edges.”

Joe cleared his throat before answering, “Uh…yeah, sure.”

He smoothed the sunscreen under the edge of the bikini and his fingertips came in contact with her cleft. That did it; he untied the bikini string at one hip, then reached over to the other side and untied that one as well. He pushed it out of his way, between her legs, and then caressed the smooth mounds of her ass.

Mary smiled into the towel she was laying on and wiggled a little more on the lounge. She let out a small moan when Joe’s hand dropped down to her wet pussy and his fingers slipped inside.

“You are so hot,” he whispered as he kissed the back of her neck.

“Tell me, Joe, did you see anything interesting when you came into my yard?” She had to know if he’d seen her getting herself off.

Joe decided to tell the truth. “Yeah, I got an eyeful of a hot chick enjoying herself. You ought to be spanked for doing that in broad daylight.”

He planted a kiss on her ass.

“Oh my, a spanking? Do you really think I should be spanked? I mean, I am in my own private yard. No one could see me.”

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Spank Her Hard – a short excerpt

Spank Her Hard Final

Spank Her Hard

Spank Her Hard is the story of a young mother trying to work her way through nursing school. She makes the tough decision to go to work as an escort and meets Joe Ryan as one of her first clients. This excerpt continues from the first one I posted on this book. You can read it here.

Francine didn’t know what to do. She sure could use that extra five hundred dollars. That would be a total of thirteen hundred dollars for the night. All for her; she didn’t have to give the service any cut from the five hundred. It was definitely not an amount of money to scoff at.

There were so many things she and her little girls needed. She knew her mom was struggling with finances, even though she never complained, and this would be such a boost for all of them.

But to let someone hit her? Could she do that? What if he got carried away and hurt her? Hell, what if his main intent was to hurt her? No, she couldn’t believe he’d really want to hurt her. He was just too nice a guy.

Not one moment at any point in this evening with Joe had she felt any warning flags or discomfort with his demeanor. She had been totally relaxed and at ease the entire time once he understood she didn’t really want to talk about things too personal. Other than the natural nervousness she still had from being new to this business, she was one hundred per cent comfortable with Joe.

Still, he wanted to hit her. OK, maybe hit was too strong a word. He wanted to spank her. Spank her like a bad little girl. Spank her until her ass was red; ‘a nice rosy red’ were his exact words.

She heard the door open. Joe was back. He came and sat down on the sofa across from her and just looked at her with his brow raised and asked, “Well?”

Blurb: Francine is a young single mom, living with her mother, trying to support her twin daughters and go to nursing school. She takes a job at an escort service hoping to make enough money that she’ll only have to work a few nights a week, giving her time to study and time to spend with her kids. She meets a client who is too good looking and too much of a gentleman to have to use an escort service. She finds out why he uses professional escorts on her first assignment with him. He has a little bit of a kinky side in the bedroom. He’ll pay extra, but is Francine willing to accommodate him?

Spank Her Hard Final


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New Book! The Rower’s Paddle


Perfect  female bodyThe Rower’s Paddle

Mike brought his hand down on her butt in a light, but firm slap. When Jenny squealed at the unexpected change from the rubbing, he paused. Not sure if he should continue, but deciding he was in charge so it would be his decision, he brought his hand down again in that same firm tap on her other cheek.

This time she didn’t squeal.

He tapped a little harder, striking in the center so he managed to get both cheeks in one smack.

Jenny was trying not to giggle. After all, this was supposed to be erotic. She didn’t think giggling would be appropriate.

Mike continued the light smacks. Left cheek, right cheek, and center. He increased the strength with each cycle. It didn’t take long before Jenny no longer felt like giggling.

Left, right, center. A little harder.

Left, right, center. A little harder still.

Soon the taps were no longer taps. They were spanks. And they had a bit of a sting to them.

Jenny emitted a moan now and then, but they were not moans of distress. And they were far from sounding anything at all like a giggle. In fact, all thoughts of giggling had flown out of Jenny’s mind.

Her bottom was a lovely shade of pink and Mike worked on moving his hand around with each series of his pattern. The pink began to spread over her entire bottom and then it slowly deepened in color. He wondered if he should continue to spank harder or keep it at the current level. Should he ask if she was okay? Surely she’d tell him to stop if she wasn’t willing to continue. Maybe he should talk.

“Your ass is a gorgeous shade of pink. Kind of like pink roses. You doin’ okay, Jenny?”

“Yeah, I think so.” He could hear the desire in her voice.

He paused and pushed her legs further apart. Then he moved his hand between her legs and felt the wetness of her slit.

“I think you’re getting turned on with this spanking. You’re pretty wet.” His voice had deepened and Jenny knew it was his horny voice. She thought his cock, still pressing into her side, was harder than before.

“Mmm…hmmm,” She moaned in agreement and wiggled her butt letting him know she wanted more.

But more of what? More spanking? Or more of his hand between her legs?

Perfect  female bodyBlurb: The Rower’s Paddle

A fun tale of what happens when Jenny, a young college student, goes home for winter break to spend the holidays with her family and discovers her aunt is writing erotic novels. The stories Aunt Naomi writes are about something called Domestic Discipline and involve spanking, both for punishment and erotic fun. To her surprise, Jenny becomes very aroused while reading the stories.

When school begins for the spring semester, Jenny’s roommate wants to read the novels and several other friends borrow Jenny’s e-reader. Soon, there’s a surprising amount of squirming and wriggling going on in the classrooms as young ladies struggle to sit comfortably on their sore bottoms.

Jenny and her boyfriend, Mike, begin experimenting with erotic spankings. It isn’t long before Jenny is caught in a lie and the young couple has to decide if they want to step into the Domestic Discipline dynamic. Will Jenny agree to allow Mike to punish her?



The Rower’s Paddle

Perfect  female body

This should be available on Amazon later today. It’s already available on Smashwords, still waiting for premium channels though.

Here’s the blurb and I’ll put up a snippet later.

A fun tale of what happens when Jenny, a young college student, goes home for winter break to spend the holidays with her family and discovers her aunt is writing erotic novels. The stories Aunt Naomi writes are about something called Domestic Discipline and involve spanking, both for punishment and erotic fun. To her surprise, Jenny becomes very aroused while reading the stories.

When school begins for the spring semester, Jenny’s roommate wants to read the novels and several other friends borrow Jenny’s e-reader. Soon, there’s a surprising amount of squirming and wriggling going on in the classrooms as young ladies struggle to sit comfortably on their sore bottoms.

Jenny and her boyfriend, Mike, begin experimenting with erotic spankings. It isn’t long before Jenny is caught in a lie and the young couple has to decide if they want to step into the Domestic Discipline dynamic. Will Jenny agree to allow Mike to punish her?