Withdrawing Consent – a snippet

Withdrawing Consent

Blurb: Christine and Alex Morgan are a young couple in their late twenties. Both are busy professionals and Christine has several outside interests. Her book club has chosen a new title called “Save Your Marriage the Old Fashioned Way.” Christine thinks it’s nothing but a way to take women back to the Stone Age, but she reads it for the book club and discovers the old fashioned way to save your marriage is by utilizing something called Domestic Discipline. Alex finds the book interesting and when the members of Christine’s book club next meet, they all decide to try this plan in their own relationships for a thirty day trial. Things go awry when Alex and Christine put this dynamic to work in their marriage and the question now is; can they get back on track and have a happy relationship?

Excerpt:  At the next meeting, Christine was not really surprised when Lani announced that not only had she read the whole book again, but had decided to embark on beginning a domestic discipline based relationship with her husband.

“Are you serious?” Christine asked. “Are you going to actually allow your husband to hit you?”

Lani gave a huge, exaggerated sigh and answered, “Not hit me; spank me if he feels I need it. It’s not abuse, Christine. And it is consensual. We’ve agreed to have a thirty day trial and then evaluate the results.”

“Oh, that’s a great idea!” Erica exclaimed. “I’m going to bring it up to Jim and see if he’s willing to do a trial period.”

“You know what?” Suzanne asked excitedly. “Why don’t we all bring it up with our husbands and see what they think? It could be a group activity; trying out domestic discipline. What do you all think?”

Christine rolled her eyes when all the women agreed to give it a try. She couldn’t believe nine modern women were willing to give all control to their husbands and become submissive little Stepford wives.

“What’s the matter, Christine?” Suzanne asked. “Are you afraid to give up a little control? Are you afraid Alex would become abusive?”

“Of course not,” Christine was quick to defend her position on the issue. “It’s just that I see no reason to become submissive. I run a textile manufacturing plant, how can I be submissive and still do my job? It just doesn’t make any sense.”

“Erica is an attorney and she’s willing to try it. You don’t have to be submissive on the job. Just at home, with your husband. You and Alex can talk and decide on the level of submissiveness that you are willing to accept.”

And so it was that Christine was almost browbeaten into giving the domestic discipline dynamic a try. The women agreed that they would discuss things with their respective husbands and work out a plan that suited their lives and relationships. They would compare notes at the next meeting and move cautiously forward while they tried to put the various recommended steps in the book into practice.

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