Saturday Spankings – What does Sylvie want??

Sat Spankings

Welcome to another fun round of Saturday Spankings! Last week was my first week back in quite a while and I have to say I’d forgotten how hard it can be to limit the snippets to eight sentences. But on the bright side, I ended up adding to my TBR list. I’m sure I’ll add even more today.

So last week I left you hanging with Bill Morgan making promises to his lovely wife, Sylvie. She’s had to bail him out of his debt with the loan shark and she’s not happy. He’s promising to do ‘anything’ she wants to make it up to her. She doesn’t believe him; she’s heard those promises before. So let’s see what Sylvie has in mind.

Blurb: Sylvie and Bill Morgan have a happy marriage–for the most part. From time-to-time, Sylvie worries that Bill might be taking advantage of her late husband’s hard-earned money by gambling and squandering it away. Sure, Sylvie had some bad habits her first husband had to break her of, but bending her over his knee for her naughty and disobedient ways turned her into a dutiful wife.

But when loan sharks come knocking and Bill’s debt is worse than ever before, Sylvie decides it’s time to take matters into her own hands. Determined to convince Bill that spanking has beneficial results, she does everything she can to show him that it’s not “glorified abuse.” After Bill gets more tuned in than ever, it’s his turn to remind Sylvie that “what’s good for the goose is even better for the gander.”


Today’s Snippet:

“Really? You’d do anything?”
“You name it, babe, and I’ll do it.”
Okay, she thought to herself, let’s see if he really means it.
“Drop your pants and bend over the kitchen table. I’m going to spank you.”
“What?” he chuckled first and then laughed out loud. “You want to spank me?”
“Yes, I do. You said you’d do anything to make it up to me. I want you to bend over the table, butt naked, and I’m going spank you.”

Will Bill agree? Come back next week to find out!

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4 thoughts on “Saturday Spankings – What does Sylvie want??

  1. I have no doubt he’ll do as she asks if he truly wishes to make-up for his wrong-doing, and I suspect he’s going to discover that being spanked by his wife offers some side-benefits as well.

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